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For some time, I've had the knowledge that we must all look inside ourselves. Lately, this message has come through more urgently because although we are moving very nicely forward into our new, lovely and loving world, many of us still don't know who we really are. We are still using thought modes that are outdated for the coming times. Perhaps this is the prelude to our becoming telepathic. Now is the time to look inward.

There is not one of us who is not still carrying old emotional programming in our psyche. We are still, too many of us, easily suggestible by the media because we *still* watch television programs, films, and listen to radio programs. Understand this: Those are not your thoughts. They do not *resonate* with you because you don't yet know who you are. You are not at all who you think you are no matter how long and hard you've looked inward previously. You may *think* lots of things resonate. You may *like* ideas, but do you know why you think so? Until you do, you have not dug deep enough. You have not removed the layers of pollution that the previous civilization has layered on your soul for too many lifetimes. You are carrying more emotional baggage than you might imagine. If you were free - really free - you would not be here. You wouldn't read about this stuff anymore. You would be living every moment of your life in other ways entirely. We will all do this soon enough, but this process must be started now.

An important part of this process is silence. Do not use words. They are currently the strongest WMD out there. Take a functional vow of silence. Before you open your mouth to utter a single word, think about those words. Think about what they mean to you. Do you know how they will fall upon the ears (or eyes) of their recipient? How can you know? You cannot. Be thoughtful in their usage. They are heavily laden with poisons, they have sharp edges, they can too easily harm others in so many ways.

Once upon a time, sticks and stone would break your bones but words could never hurt you. Now look at the state of things. Bullies everywhere. It's because those words are heavier now. People aren't as emotionally secure as they once were when our communities had room for all sorts - even the village idiot! We have no room for anyone anymore. We're all labeled and shelved. In the search for meaning to our lives, so many of us call out to others in any number of ways that we ourselves do not understand. We know we want to help. We want to enlighten. We want to save others. But we cannot do any of those things until we know what and who we are. We are different now. Do it again. It's always easier with each successive "detox".

The message that came to me took over two hours of intense channeling and was still "downloading" and parsing for most of the next day. This is a huge message and it cannot be disseminated in one go. There is much, much more to come. I hope to make sense of it all before I leave the Internet to go live as I too should be doing.

Before any of you brush this aside thinking that it doesn't apply to you, know this: There is not a single person on this planet to whom this does not apply. Do not let arrogance, pride or fear stop you from doing what has to be done anyway.


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Your words ring true with me, brother. Thank you.
I am in a constant state of practice and cultivation. I focus inward most all of the time, meditate often, my Qi gong is strong and I will take your words here to heart. I have heard it from many teachers and it is hard to do but, I will keep my words to myself unless it is necessary for me to speak.
I believe it is true that in this time, we have no way to truly know the effects of our words/actions. I look forward to further posts!


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The problem I see with this is, not everyone is capable of doing this. At least not without help to get to there. I'm sure lots of people don't even know what that means and need it explained to them.

So, while YES, this is a great thing that I'm sure the world would benefit from, the only ones doing it are those who are at a level of opening up and wanting to proceed further in their journies.

I also find it hard to focus internally when there is so much outside distraction, ie. family, work, etc.

The world would be a much better place if we all could and would do this. I personally believe all answers are found within, however, there are clues on the outside.


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This is not for everyone to do. Only those who can, will. Only those who have been working toward this will head in this direction anyway.

I have had a LOT of messages in meditation. Most of them are things that few others would dream of doing for any reason, even hearing it under such conditions. These were not things that lend themselves to "me" as in a personal correction, but rather ages old traditions that were practiced by monks and nuns.

We may all be moving into a better world, but what that world is depends on so many things. We all have different roles and different levels of dedication. We have all received different calls. We are equal, but that doesn't mean we do the same things at the same levels. That simply isn't the way anywhere. It won't be the way in the future either.