Spirituality in everyday life
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We live our lives in fast. We have overcrowded agendas, busy social lives, busy jobs, demanding partners and children. We have more than ever, filling our stomachs with more food than ever, there are burned as healthy as possible, but nevertheless many of us feel an emptiness. An emptiness that we can not fill.

Previously ...

"Before, everything was different," is a commonly used expression. That is true. Previously, the old man less, we had to strive to fill our stomach, we had few possessions, there were more diseases, we had to work harder. Now we fill our shopping cart in the supermarket, we more than 40 hours per week, can we go to doctors and specialists and have many effects and the necessary luxury. Nevertheless, we unfortunately than ever.

Many of us feel an emptiness that is not to fill appears to be. We have everything, but feel nothing. We run it with the company, without mentioning the needs of the individual. And then we go looking. Looking for something that can fill void. We are looking to massively higher.

The higher

Whether we God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or wicca as we are all looking for a higher power, a spiritual guide, our life can answer. We ask ourselves: "Why are we here? What is our purpose on earth?" Personally, we know this is often not, but our spiritual guide has the answer.

At this moment we are overwhelmed with a range of courses, lectures and workshops, all focused on the spiritual. We are dead compared with terms such as mindfulness, wellbeing, new age children and high sensitivity. Anyone can develop spiritually. Spirituality is a rage. But beware of 'wannabees'.

True Spirituality

Some people are naturally very spiritual. Others simply get their knowledge from books. People who naturally have a spiritual gift. For example, they are capable people in balance. Whether they are able to read aura's. The wannabees spoon their knowledge on the basis of books. They can learn a lot, but will never reach true spirituality spiritual people.

True spirituality comes from within. You are aware of a larger whole, you are aware of the transience of earthly things, you are you aware that there is more between heaven and earth than we can contain. You live in harmony with the earth, you live in peace in your heart, but with passion and pleasure. As you are aware of the transience of earthly things, life is suddenly so much easier to bear. Life is no longer, but a playground, where you can learn and develop.

Spirituality can express in countless ways. Once you feel your skin is your body and good aanvoeld will the world look different to be seen. Suddenly you will be able to enjoy small things. Suddenly material things are no longer a priority for you. Suddenly you get an eye for detail and you see other people in a different light.
For example, your aura's are observed, or that you are able to harmonize people. It is possible that your pain with your hands can fight or you get messages through.

Spirituality in the now

Many people find spirituality. There is nothing wrong with that. Try first to get yourself clear exactly what you're looking for. Often you want to fill the void, or are you looking for the meaning of your existence. Read some books, surf around the Web, so you know what the spiritual world has to offer. And watch out for the wannabees. Find a spiritual coach. The spiritual knowledge you gain you can use in everyday life. Your work, your family anywhere you can apply spirituality. It will live a little more bearable make.

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