Supplements Yanked From Canadian Pharmacies


Truth feeder
Saddle up the Mounties and sound the alarm, boys - someones been caught selling vitamins north of the border. Canadian health officials are telling pharmacists to pull thousands of perfectly natural supplements from store shelves, as new regulations kick in that they claim will bring order and safety to the vitamin industry. In reality, all they've done is give Big Pharma a chance to tighten the death grip it has on modern medicine. And as those drug companies pad their profits, supplement makers are caught up in a bizarre catch-22 that could lead to job losses and business failure.

The new rules require supplement makers to have a license to sell their vitamins. But the bureaucrats who issue those licenses are either so overwhelmed and/or inept that they can't get them out fast enough. Canada's National Post tells of one little company that makes just two supplements. One's a homeopathic treatment for diabetes pain and the other is a vitamin. Neither one's been given that government blessing yet. If those two products get the Canadian heave-ho, the company will be toast.

There's an estimated backlog of 10,000 vitamins and supplements waiting for approval. HFA is not sure how long that will take to process this list, but we won't be holding our breath.

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