[Inspiring] Take the time to read, if you please


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I read a book called the ghost belonged to me, I absolutely loved it. It was about a girl with the gift of sight and intuition. It is an older book so if any of you try to find it good luck, I just happened to get it from a library when I was still in high school. Anyways, here is the quote.

People only see what you want them to see nothing more, nothing less.

What do you think the writer was trying to say? I personally Have held onto this quote and kept it close in my heart. (Even though some with the same gift as I, have been able to see right through that barrier I struggle so desperately to put up.) However, it is nice to know that those who can see right through, care enough to look. Those who do not, Never really cared in the first place, they get what they want out of what they see and that's that.

Still struggling to forgive myself is a huge part of that.
You need to be at peace with yourself before you can go to war with anyone else ~Me
Even though I came up with this brilliant quote I am still working through the kinks. In order to forgive myself, I need help from those who have not forgiven me, or I will forever be at war with myself. Can you truly forgive yourself if you cannot receive forgiveness from those you so desperately wish to be forgiven from? Or can you pretend that they forgive you truly and move on with your life? I am not one for pretending, for life is not a fairytale.