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Despite all the negative propaganda by the powerful pro-Israel press against the Islamic Republic – the Manitoba First Nation leader Terrance Nelson, is visiting the Islamic Republic (via Switzerland) at the invitation Iranian Majlis (parliament). He along with other Native American laeders will meet Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad and law-makers and appraise them the human-rights abuses against American Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Canada’s National Post (anti-Muslim flag-ship of Zionist Jew Asper family owned Can-West till 2010) and the Zioconservative Huffington Post lead the campaign against Terrance Nelson’s trip to Iran. Iranian-born Canadian professor Sadiq Rahimi criticized the visit in the Huffington Post while Iranian-born Nazanin Afshin-Jam, wife of Canada’s defense minister Defense, Israel-Firster Peter McKay, in the National Post.

“I tell Iranians here in Canada that even if they themselves are not big fans of the Iranian government, remember, 567,000 Iraqi children died in the first five years of the United Nations economic sanctions. The question for the Iranians in North America is how many millions of Iranians are going to die in the war against Iran,” Terrance Nelson responded to Rahimi’s anti-Tehran lies.

Terrance Nelson has claimed that the National Post had been caught lying about him and spreading hatred toward the American Indigenous peoples. For example, in an editorial the newspaper claimed that Nelson “threatened Jewish police”, while there is no “Jewish police” in Canada. In 2006, the National Post accused Nelson “Holocaust denier” based on Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Apocalypto‘ which was written by Gibson and Iranian-born Farhad Safinia. The movie deals with the declining period of the Mayan civilization and not the Frankist Jews committed Holocaust during the Nazi era.

“I’m saying to you that if the United States and B’nai Brith doesn’t give a damn about the human rights violations in Canada, we will go to wherever the hell we need to go to bring these issues out,” said Nelson (daily Winnipeg Sun, October 5, 2012).

Canadian Jewish writer, author and blogger, Eric Walberg, posted an article on October 9, 2012, entitled ‘Canada’s Muslim Problem: Who’s demonizing who?‘ in which he has summarized Nelson’s interview with the National Post. Read the full article here.

Nelson said Iranians and Canada’s natives have a lot in common as victims of European colonialism. The Indian Act was passed in 1876 by the Parliament of Canada, confirming the expropriation of native lands that had taken place since the first white settlers came, and the relegation of natives to “reserves” under the federal government’s authority. In Iran at that time, Western capitalists were bribing the corrupt Nasser al-Din Shah to allow them to control the entire Persian economy. A century of invasion, subversion and rule by more Western-backed shahs finally ended in 1979, when Western domination came to an abrupt end, but in the process turned Iran into the West’s bete noire, demonized in the mainstream media ever since.

When asked to condemn Iran on human rights abuses, Nelson pointed out that there are serious human rights abuses in Canada which are not given prominence in the mainstream media. He complained that the hysteria in the media made it very difficult for him to pursue his efforts to gain recognition for Canada’s native people. “What the western media says is not always true. Nobody gave a damn about half-a-million children dying in Iraq in 1998.”

When it was suggested that the Iranian government would enlist First Nations to perpetrate violence against Canada, he laughed. “When have First Nations people ever bombed anything? The worst we’ve ever done is make the white man late for lunch when we do our protests in the city street.” He accused the West of perpetrating insidious violence against countries it victimizes through sanctions, including against both Iraq in the 1990s and Iran today.

Terrance said his hope was to break down the unjustified bias against Iran. “We know what demonization is all about because we’ve been demonized in our own land.” Nelson praised Tehran for raising the human rights issues of indigenous people in Canada and called for the Non-Aligned Movement, which Iran now presides over, to address the plight of Canada’s aboriginal population.

Despite Harper’s notoriety, he was chosen 2012 World Statesman of the Year for his work as a “champion of democracy, freedom and human rights” by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation (set up by Rabbi Arthur Schneier in 1965). He chose to boycott the UN gathering of heads of state taking place just down the street in New York (perhaps afraid of criticism?). Instead, in his address at the Waldorf Astoria, he accused the UN of wooing dictators with an “appalling record of human rights abuse”, implying of course the Iranian leadership.

Nelson said: “If the Iranian government is willing to take our case forward, that is fine. Why isn’t the German government, or the American government, or the English government, or the French government doing it? Why hasn’t the Israeli government said anything? Have they condemned Canada?”

Terrance Nelson, Vice-Chairman of the American Indian Movement, Spokesman for the Okiijida Warrior Society, former Chief of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation, elected five terms in a row as Chief. He is author of numerous books, studies and booklets including “Genocide in Canada” 1997. Nelson travelled to Iraq in April 1998 at the invitation of Saddam Hussein Government to document the effects of United Nations economic sanctions.

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