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Four leaders of North American Indigenous peoples; former Chief Terrance Nelson, Chief Frank Brown, Chief Orvile Smoke and Chief Bernard Ominayak have announced to visit the Islamic Republic on October 8-20, 2012. In Tehran, Dakota Chief Frank Brown plans to show members of Iranian Majlis (parliament) the pictures of the US mass graves from the December 29, 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre .

Terrance Nelson, former Chief of Roseau River First Nation in Manitoba (Canada) wrote an open letter to Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper in which he criticized Ottawa for closing down Iranian embassy.

“A war against Iran is economic suicide for the United States and
therefore economic suicide for Canada because we are so dependent upon the United States economy,” wrote Nelson.

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blinders on, he only sees the narrow vision of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. When Israel bombs Iran, it will cause a wider war. Israel receives billions of dollars a year in foreign aid from the United States and Canada. Israel is the only country that Americans can contribute to and get a tax credit under American law. How much does Canada contribute to Israel every year both public and private dollars?”, asked Nelson.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Peter McKay’s Iranian wife talks about the human rights violations in Iran but never mentions that Israel has 100 nuclear bombs targeting Iranian cities and people. I wonder what she would have to say when the Iranians get bombed and millions of her people get fried. Has your government ever talked about regime change in Saudi Arabia? Why is human rights mentioned only if the country is not cooperating with the west,” said Nelson.

Amnesty International has rated both America and Israel among world’s worst human rights abusers.

“The most dangerous situation for Israel is not Iran, it is in the
United States. I traveled in New Mexico and Arizona last spring. I was shocked at the level of anger amongst Americans against Obama. Civil war is possible in the United States if Obama is re-elected and there is no change in the economy. If Romney is elected, a confrontation with Russia is very likely. Iran has non western support as evidenced by the Non-Aligned meeting in Tehran. This is not going to be a cake walk,” wrote Nelson.

Read the full letter, posted at Censored News, September 10, 2012, here.

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