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Even a year ago, weeks could go by between major Disclosure events. Now there are multiple signals per week. Are they trying to tell us something? Does a bear sit in the woods?


In the last few months, things have gotten really wonderful for the Disclosure crowd -- to the point where I don't even have enough time to try to track and write about all of it, while juggling my other responsibilities. This includes:

* Multiple, blatant UFO sightings, some of which shut down entire airports;
* Major press conferences with multiple eyewitnesses announcing that nuclear missile installations have been powered down by 'flying saucers' which otherwise were not aggressive, and may in fact have our best interests in mind;
* A huge number of "life is highly abundant in the universe" scientific articles;
* A raft of movies and television shows either already released or in production, which are dealing with the subject -- both from the present day as well as "Ancient Aliens" who happened to enjoy building massive stone structures.

This is definitely not 'smoke and mirrors.' This is a clear, deliberate and concerted effort. And it's building up to something.


Among all of these various elements, the NBC television show "The Event" stands out as particularly provocative. Here you have a television show about a black President -- who looks and sounds just like Obama -- stumbling into the truth of human ETs soon after he takes office.

In this story, some 97 human-looking ETs crashed in a spaceship in Alaska in the 1940s, and were held hostage at 'Camp Inostranka' ever since. The president learns this truth, meets the people and plans an open Disclosure in a live national press conference.

Right before he discloses these secrets to humanity, he suffers a 9/11-style attack by a hijacked passenger airliner. The plane then pops through a wormhole right before it hits the ground and ends up in a remote desert, apparently by ET influence.

All the passengers onboard the plane initially survive, but they then end up dying -- or so we think. The analysis of the bodies at the crash site shows that they appeared to have been running from something -- perhaps a beam weapon.

The government plans on 'distressing' the bodies to make it look like they all died in a fiery crash, which they intend to fabricate for a cover-up.


Then, in very disturbing zombie-like fashion, the bodies all end up re-animating in a secret military bunker. At first they seem to be fine, but then they all start hemorrhaging blood from their noses and mouths.

We learn that they have a weird virus, which they were given by the ET opposition leader -- and they will be dead within 24 hours unless the President frees all the ET detainees at Inostranka, in exchange for the vaccine.

Fighting for the lives of the survivors, the president wrestles with the opposition leader, who claims he will use this same weapon on whole cities of Americans if the 97 detainees are not freed.

The president ends up getting the antidote by threatening to execute all of the ETs if the opposition leader does not produce the serum first.


This Monday night's show effectively picks up at this point in the storyline -- and I'm leaving quite a bit out of it here. Though it is a bit clumsy at certain points, and I don't find the portrayal of the president and his entourage particularly believable, the overall execution is quite good.

There does appear to be a lot of fear-mongering about human-looking ETs in this show, such as their apparent willingness to use terrorist tactics to get their way.

Nonetheless, it also seems clear that we are being given a message that they are not all bad people -- only a small number of them.

Furthermore, the seemingly positive female leader of the ETs (who is obviously cast to look and sound very similar to the heroic female president in Battlestar Galactica) alludes to an upcoming 'Event' without elaboration at this point in the story.


In the title, the second "E" in "Event" is reversed. This highlights the 'V' in the middle -- as in the previous show 'V', which was also about human-looking ETs. It also encourages us to pick out the word 'EVE.'

Remember that this is all part of a Processed Release of Information (PRI) program, and the underlying body of information to be disclosed has been in place for thousands of years. I discuss this in my radio show with William Henry, linked below.

I feel it is safe to assume that in this TV series, "The Event" will involve a certain amount of cataclysmic activity on the Earth. It should also upgrade our DNA at the same time -- leading to a new humanity.

A new Eve.

This would then allow the show to go in the direction of "Heroes" and other such programs where people begin developing 'powers'.

If that's really where this is going, then "The Event" may well be the most blatant, in-your-face, one-stop-shop Disclosure mechanism ever put out by the media -- at least thus far.


Beginning in the summer of 2009, I shared insider information that Obama had planned a formal Disclosure announcement later that year, which would end the UFO cover-up once and for all.

Both Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot leaked the date -- November 27th -- but I refused to validate it right up until it came and went, fearing that the release of such specific details could ruin the whole thing.

Furthermore, our lives were threatened if we were to reveal the actual date -- but Bill and Kerry both felt the truth was more important than the risk they took by disclosing it.


We were told that Obama had booked two hours of prime airtime on every major television network to introduce us to five different species of extraterrestrial humans.

Each of these groups would look just like normal Earth humans, or at least very similar.

This would be a huge, huge 'reveal' for the average person: namely that ETs are not scary, horrible creatures after all, but people like you and me. [I have been told that out of any ETs we've ever found, none are more than 4-percent different from us on a DNA level.]

Just like Caucasians once thought the Earth was flat and there was no such thing as a 'Black Man' in unseen, foreign lands, most people have still labored under the illusion that no humans like us could exist outside the boundary of Earth's atmosphere.

We will soon find out this was a great mistake -- and many different types of humans have been working in various bunkers and underground bases with our 'government' for some time now, on a variety of different projects.


The deeper message of Obama's planned Disclosure would be that these five groups contacted the US government some 100 years ago, more or less, and have been working behind the scenes ever since.

Over the ensuing years, many more have surfaced. One of my witnesses recently opened up to me on a much deeper level and revealed he either saw or had personal interaction with over 15 different types of human visitors.

I'm now in the process of cataloging all the details of these different types, and will share an overview as the picture develops. I must say that this new information, and how well it lines up with other things I've heard, is absolutely mind-blowing.


In this 2009 Disclosure event, Obama then planned on telling us, "These people can help us solve a lot of problems on this planet, and they have the technology to do it. But they are also as mortal as you and me. Please don't shoot them."

I also heard that special 'lights' and cameras would be needed to be able to film these people properly, as some of them would not be visible to us without special technology.

I have since learned that fully five different insider groups mobilized to stop Obama from making this announcement, apparently with death threats and other counter-moves.

Nothing actually happened on November 27th -- but almost immediately thereafter, Obama held a press conference with the Prime Minister of India, and there was a definite attempt made to 'hint' at an upcoming Disclosure.

The Norway Spiral soon followed. I was so inspired by this sudden turn of events that I spent the entire month of December working on a full, free online Ebook, "Disclosure Endgame", to outline everything in detail.


Not a single insider I've ever spoken to, nor his or her handlers, have anything but utter contempt for Obama. To me, that says there is more here than meets the eye.

Public opinion of the US president is now at an all-time low, and like many others, I am disappointed that more progress hasn't been made -- yet -- to turn things around.

However, unlike many others, I most certainly have not given up hope that a ridiculously marvelous surprise could happen that turns everything around.

I have heard some compelling clues that such a thing may well be in the works -- or may have already been done, and just hasn't gone public yet.


Other wonderful events that may have nothing to do with Obama have apparently just happened.

According to very good sources I am in contact with, as of October 14-15th, there was a stunning new move made by China, on a full-scale international level, involving the governments of every country in the world.

This move sent terrified US and European leaders and insiders rushing over to Shanghai, begging the Chinese not to continue down this road.

However, China's plan appears to have been incredibly well-designed, with all the classic elements of Lao-Tzu's "Art of War."

It appears that it is now too late for this plan to be stopped.

China has just made it's "kill-shot" move, and they may well have saved the world by doing so.

Apparently no one has been killed in this process, but when I correlate what I'm hearing with what Fulford has said, it does appear that China will push for an international truth tribunal -- though they will apparently not be seeking the death penalty.


More importantly, by breaking down the corruption of the international financial system, China and her BRIC allies (Brazil, Russia, India, China -- also Argentina and others) can take a leading role in restoring prosperity on this planet.

The saddest thing, which I have heard from many top insiders, is that we already have the capability to desalinate ocean water, green the deserts, eliminate poverty, homelessness, hunger, disease and sickness -- and give everyone a significantly improved lifestyle.

Contrary to the widely-held insider belief that doing this would create a massive "population bomb" that would destroy the planet, the real-world data shows that population growth significantly decreases once people are allowed to develop.

They can even reach zero population growth, as in Japan. These cultures no longer need to have multiple children to ensure their own survival.

Teleportation, time travel, gravity shielding, free energy, matter synthesis, near-instant healing, earthquake and volcano alleviation, stabilizing the Earth's axis -- all this and more is already within our grasp.

The reason why the elite have refused to let these technologies emerge is they fear everyone would become a couch potato -- and their control over this planet would be forever lost.

Nonetheless, it is clear that any attempts to throw off China's plan will be met with significant lethal force.


You may remember hearing that in 2009, the top insider bankers in the US had to pay China in gold bars for their own bad debts, as an aftermath of the financial fallout from 2008 -- where many derivatives funds like Lehman Brothers spontaneously imploded.

This collapse, according to Fulford, was China's doing: "Why should we be paying you to kill us?"

Once the devastated bankers were finally forced to pay up, after a prolonged period of hemming and hawing, China drilled into the "Good Delivery" bars.

They were made of tungsten, with only a thin layer of gold electroplated on the outside! Completely fake!

This appears to have been when China's plan really kicked into high gear -- but it took some time to develop.


According to Fulford, the international fiscal year ends as of September 31st. This year, the big players covertly running the US and other countries were again unable to pay their debts.

This was the final event that apparently led to the implementation of China's plan.

Fulford has been alluding to something like this in the works from China for some time now.

As others may also have felt, it has been almost exasperating to read his paid blog and hear him tease about something big that China was doing, over and over again -- but then not say what it was, because it was important that he not screw it up or stop it from happening.

With all the reports I'm hearing, I am almost certain that this is what he was talking about -- and they just flipped the switch.

I apologize. I am not stupid. I am definitely not going to get specific, as I do not want to thwart this effort.

However, from what I have heard, the plan was so well-executed I highly doubt there is much that could stop it at this point.

If it works as intended, there should be a time where it can be discussed openly and in detail.


The black-ops community is now literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Everyone is telling me the same thing.

It's become chaos. Factions are breaking up. Former allies are now enemies. Former enemies are now friends. Single factions are now fragmenting into multiple, opposing elements.

Fulford has been saying for some time that "One Million Satanists," i.e. members of the Luciferian Illuminati, are seeking amnesty and refuge in various countries -- but no one is willing to shelter them. This also seems centrally related to what I am hearing.


I am also told that certain human ET groups are working behind the scenes, here on the ground, to help ensure various plans succeed. This may include China's plan, though there are others going on as well for similar purposes.

We may never publicly know the details of the ETs' involvement in all of this, unfortunately -- at least not in the beginning.


It's all happening so fast that any estimate about what may occur, or when, is pointless right now -- so I'm not even going to try to pinpoint anything.

Suffice it to say I've been so excited by these new developments, and there is so much to keep up with, that I am only just now able to find the time and energy to write a little about it.

On an intuitive, psychological and physical level, I have been going through massive, massive initiation -- some of it quite unpleasant -- which all appears to be a last-minute dash to get me ready for these changes.

It appears many other people are going through similar processes.

Various insiders, now realizing things are suddenly getting a lot safer as their handlers go into total chaos, are telling me lots of new things I never heard before -- so there is a veritable banquet of new information.


Suffice it to say I'm really, really glad this is happening right now. It appears to be a massive demonstration of synchronicity on a worldwide scale, which is how the high-level 'Management' ETs I've often written about like to work.

If events like this move from China had not happened, the plans being made from the New World Order / Illuminati factions would have reached critical mass between November and the end of January, with ripples extending through until March.

This would have involved a massive financial meltdown.


Based on what at least four different sources have independently shared with me, often with remarkable similarities, this planned upheaval would have begun with a 15 to 25 percent write-down of the value of the US dollar, some time in November.

I would assume this would start after the elections -- though no one actually said that to me in such detail.

At some point in this process, a new currency would be issued in the apparent hopes of stabilizing and renewing the US currency under new regulations.

This new currency would be backed by precious metals -- but given how little the US actually has in reserve, this would cause silver and gold prices to skyrocket. The estimates range from 36 to 56K per ounce of gold at the new valuation.

Further events, including a possible emergency freezing of the international flow of money via credit cards, would occur -- possibly some time around Christmas.

The Federal Reserve would be completely eliminated no later than January 31st -- which is admittedly not a bad thing, providing the replacement is far more honest and forthcoming.

Later events would throw the entire global financial system into a complete and total seizure -- probably no later than March of 2011.

That's the plan I was told -- which some insiders, who have not yet heard about China's "October Surprise", still think has a 50-50 chance of unfolding as planned.

I highly, highly doubt we will ever see these events take place -- but I'm documenting the testimony nonetheless.


Top insider employees of the US government, being told this plan (or some version of it) is about to be implemented, have been ordered to stock up on freeze-dried food and consumables.

In order to make this quick and easy to do, such goods are apparently now being featured in the central "new product" aisle in every Wal-Mart across America.

If I remember correctly, the minimum recommendation for storage is six months.

Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and millet, two or three varieties of dried beans, flour, sugar, salt, spices, superfoods like spirulina powder, cooking oil and a series of dehydrated vegetable and meat items are apparently the top recommendations -- as well as stored water and water purification systems.

The insiders' research shows that only four percent of the general public are actually buying the dehydrated food items, despite them being offered at below wholesale prices -- much lower than retailers on 'truth' websites are selling them for.

The other 96 percent are being bought by government / corporate / military employees who have been tipped off.

The products are also made with high-quality organic produce, pesticide-free, and are therefore actually healthy to eat -- great quality and cheaper than regular food!

I never thought I'd tell people to go to Wal-Mart for any reason, but I'm just sharing with you what's being reported. They can't keep a lid on this because everyone is being told the "Big One" is about to hit.


A mock "alien invasion" does appear to be part of this plan as well -- and that could be one major part of why there is such an uptick of Disclosure items at this time in the mainstream media.

There are so many ETs around us who could fight this war, and stop the fake invasion from happening, that this is literally nothing more than a childish fantasy.

Many types of warfare have been permitted, but I absolutely believe this would be stopped -- just like any use of nuclear weapons.

The ETs have observed a very real form of "Prime Directive" where they do not intervene -- but under certain circumstances they most definitely will.


Though I do not expect things to be anywhere near as bad as some insiders fear they will be, I am going to buy a certain amount of these types of supplies just to hedge against any possible short-term difficulties.

I am admittedly taking a risk at telling you all of this detail, but notice I am not hawking products or trying to profit off of this in any way. I just think it's a good idea to be prepared for 'inconveniences' without any sense of fear or doom.

Such 'inconveniences' could be as simple as a bad storm or earthquake that knocks out our power here in Los Angeles for a while. It's good to be prepared so you don't have anything to worry about. I will probably start out with a couple of weeks of supplies.

I think you should listen to your own gut and see what feels right, without any sense of panic.


Based on a huge number of dreams I've been having, for years now, we appear to be right on the verge of the final crossing-point of initiation before things start getting much, much better.

This should be an extremely interesting process to go through on a planetary level.

As I telegraphed in a note on last Monday's entry of Fulford's blog, it does appear that we are heading into a time window in our immediate future that will be literally civilization-defining.

I have consistently been told in dreams that at the last minute, when all seems to be lost, we will miraculously be spared from disaster.

There will be some unavoidable losses of life in impoverished third-world countries, but almost as if by 'magic,' the rest of the world will get through this much more effectively than the insiders planned.


They've been trying to manufacture a worldwide crisis for years. They're pulling out all the stops to try to create it now, because they know they're out of time.

Many of their paid shills pose as independent 'conspiracy' journalists online, and they release utterly dire prognostications to further attempt to condition you into believing these events are really going to happen.

As Henry Deacon told me to tell them in a recent phone call, "Just give up. For God's sake, just give up."

The results of China's plan, if not somehow thwarted, should lead to a tremendous disclosure of free-energy technologies, and the science to understand them, hopefully on a near-term basis.

And it may well have been just in time.


Whether the full scientific details intended for public disclosure within China's October Surprise ever emerge or not, my book is definitely coming out in May -- and will substantially assist and enhance this same process.

Our working title is now The Source Field Investigations, so as to give more credibility, be more descriptive, and detach us from the 2012-only mindset -- though the book very much covers these topics in unprecedented new depth.

I do definitely believe the year 2012 will be a time of great change. That being said, life goes on, and this is not going to involve sudden worldwide catastrophes. In the unlikely event that such things did happen, ETs are standing by to assist us.

As I wrote in material that was originally meant for the book, but will now be released by other means, the Pyramid Timeline clearly pinpoints the year 2012 as a time of Messianic awakening within humanity.

However, it also indicates that more time will elapse before the full sequence of events, including humanity's own multidimensional evolution, finally snaps into gear.


I almost cried with joy when I heard the news about China. I kid you not!

This may also explain why, just days after this political masterstroke apparently took place, Benjamin Fulford said China should receive a Nobel Peace Prize in a public blog entry from October 18th.

It appears that Fulford was congratulating the Chinese for having so meticulously planned and executed this same move I just heard about from various sources who are now on the receiving end of it.

By that point, Ben knew that the most important initial phase had worked as intended.

In his private, subscriber-only blog, Fulford has been teasing and teasing for some time that China had a very substantial plan in the works that would effectively break the stranglehold on free energy and get it out to the public, as well as completely reform the financial system.

I have heard that one of the things we will get, if this doesn't get thrown off, is the plans and prototypes for a battery we can drop into existing automobiles to make them run 1000 miles on a single gallon of water -- which must go through a minimal, non-toxic distilling treatment process before being ready for use.


Many people attacked us online and tried to discredit the whole idea that Obama was planning to disclose last year, perhaps in their own unwillingness to accept the truth.

Nonetheless, the main premise of "The Event" is exactly what we were told last year, more or less!

That has definitely attracted my attention.

I watched all the episodes on Hulu this past week and got caught up on this incredible, developing new story.


In two articles from September 11th and September 20th, Larry Lowe wrote an excellent summary of the show and its surrounding implications. I'm going to quote both of them out of order for the best linear reading:

The surprise premise of NBC's highly anticipated fall series "The EVENT" is that the President of the United States, Elias Martinez, (Blair Underwood) upon acquiring unexpected access to a highly classified dossier that CIA Director Blake Sterling (