The Biology of Agression...excellent Patrick Jordan


Truth feeder
On Dr Carley's show

On 10/31/09, Patrick Jordan and I did what I consider to be the most
important show ever aired which can potentially free humanity from the
enslavement of their masters. Since it was an evaluation of the King
James version of the Bible, I expected a huge outcry from listeners.
Much to our surprise, the opposite has occurred...the response has
been tremendously positive, and Patrick has received more responses
from this show than any other...many people who have themselves
smelled a rat, and in fact have been doing their own research along
these lines. Re-legion is the greatest psyops technique of all times;
and if we are ever to be truly free to think for ourselves, we have to
evaluate EVERY lie we have been told.

If you missed the show, you can listen to it free and without
commercials at
(scroll down to the bottom post). You can also e-mail Patrick at
to obtain a transcript of his work on this subject, or to make your
own comments, or to get on HIS list, which I suggest you all do, since
I am so busy I do not have the time to send all his words of wisdom to
you on my list.