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The Ethical Planetarian Party Platform
by Amaterasu​

Have You tired of the empty promises of politicians? Have You seen the “divide and conquer” successes in everything from school teams to country identities? Do You want the planet to coexist?

Perhaps You might consider the Ethical Planetarian Party.

What is the Ethical Planetarian Party? What are its goals and platform?

First, We stand for upholding the three Laws:

1. Do not willfully harm or kill another Being
2. Do not willfully take or damage another Being’s property
3. Do not willfully defraud another Being

In other words, We choose to maintain civil interaction, face to face. The biological parent has precedence in the case of Our children, unless there is evidence that these same Laws are not kept with Them as well. They are Beings, too. Beings are any who ask for rights, or have Others of the same species ask in proxy if They are unable to ask, Themselves. This is not license to mal-treat beings of “lower” Consciousness, for all Consciousness should be respected. The goal is for as much of Consciousness to spend as much of the time as possible comfortable.

A quick, clean and honorable death for the flesh a Being eats, having given comfort throughout the life of any domestic food.

Second, We are predicated on the idea that Humans should be free to take advantage of the abundance of the planet by eliminating money through free energy.

Third, We strive to allow religious choice, believing that there are as many Callings as there are Beings, and as long as the Laws are kept, how One approaches that which One is, is to be respected.

Fourth, We expect the use of technology under these Laws, with peaceful intent, including free energy – the key to eliminating money. We know much is presently hidden in fear that We might exact retribution or follow folly, but We are of the opinion, based on evidence, that when Humans have no money, generosity and loving behavior are expended to help Those in need. With technology We both have personal awareness of and much science and anecdote grasped, We know We can eliminate money as a necessity and provide abundance for everyOne. We call for the release of electrogravitics from black projects, where it has been held secret for over 50 years.

We are out to eliminate poverty.

Fifth, We will bring forth a website where problems can be brought up locally and People can “vote” to bump a problem up, down, show apathy by not voting, and chime in with solutions (which can be cheered and booed). Issues will drop off after the original poster indicates that the problem has been resolved or withdrawn, or there has been no activity after, say, six months (that is not set in stone). Social responsibility will be defined as spending 15 minutes a day examining issues on this site.

Also, issues with some set number of bumps up will be considered issues that need a wider awareness and go to regional sections. From there, continental, perhaps, and then global, as more are needed to be involved in solving the problem. Problems will beget the awareness to solve them.

Without money as a motive, problems will be solved more creatively, directly, harmoniously, and within the three Laws.

Sixth, We are staunch in our support of an organic planet. Though hybridization is an awesome tool, genetically modifying organisms is NOT. Without money, there is no motivation to create GMO. We know that organics can produce on par or better yield and better nutrition than their petrochemically “fertilized” brethren. Any non-organic approaches to problems will be highly discouraged, unless it is seen that such a solution is the best.

Beyond this, sustainability is Our goal.

Seventh, We see that, without money, We can build machines – robots – to do all necessary work. Without work as an “ethic,” We substitute a “Betterment Ethic,” and encourage all to look for ways – within the three Laws and with organic solutions prized – to improve conditions on this planet for everyOne, and offer these ideas for consideration and possible action.

Eighth, We understand that virtually all crime is, on one level or another, related to money, and without money as motive, virtually all crime will vanish – leaving the very few, passion-related crimes for Us to deal with. We will deal with all crime publicly, and Those who care can and will decide each case. Most such choice of behavior will lead to social pariah-hood for the perpetrators.

Ninth, We support open source in all things We program. This allows for many to make suggestions for betterment, and ensures that no one will create outside the three Laws. It also eliminates “back doors,” and other surreptitious software segments that bog down the clean functioning of the program. Without money as a motive, programmers will be proud to offer Their work for scrutinization and use, openly and freely. Status will be gained for creating the best programs.

Tenth, We understand that food waste is rampant with food distributed by profit, abundant as it is but poorly and/or untimely delivered. Without money, food distribution will be based on need and not profit, ensuring that waste is minimal, food is fresh for all (no One waiting for the wilted cast-offs), and readily available.


Though these approaches are revolutionary, We understand that if enough People are on board, a fresh, free, fun, and fulfilling life will be Ours – and everyOne else’s – as We choose. No One needs to change anything except where there is a problem – and then Those who care are free to solve it within the three Laws.

Without money, bureaucracy will become unnecessary, vastly reducing paper use, and streamlining solutions. Jobs in banking, insurance, and other such money-related industries will disappear, and in their place, the opportunity to spend time as One wishes.

Transportation will be free – for Ourselves, Our food and product systems, and any other transportation needs. This offers the ability to go where One wishes, moving food to where it is needed, and other freedom We presently do not have, with transportation energy costing so much.

We are a planetary party and decry any solutions that maintain a “divide and conquer” attitude or outcome, including stateism, nationalism, partyism, teamism, etc. We are one species on one planet, and we seek to benefit the planet ethically and wholly.

To join, merely state that You are a member. All that is required, as a Party member, is to inform Others about the Ethical Planetarian Party – send this link, or copy and paste to email this content.

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