The "Galactic federation of light" deception

Lady of Light

I usually don't listen to messages from others, but something told me I should finally listen to this video. I can see why.

There is much truth to this message. Not everything in this message is accurate, but it is important information. The non-accurate information is irrelevant to the message. It's the theme of the message, to think for yourself, and to not rely on these beings who claim to be of a higher frequency that are there to aid you. The message is to teach you to not be deceived by those who claim to be of more knowledge than you. Trust within yourself what is right.

I, personally, never got a good feeling from the Galactic Federation of Light, and wasn't told why until now. Like I said, the message in this video is accurate, although some of the information is not.

Please, listen to the message within this video and take within yourself the truth as YOU know it.


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Remember who tells us that Lucifer is evil. Maybe Lucifer is really the guy who wants us to think and feel for ourselves. Maybe things have gone south for us so badly because we're listening to "God" and not "Lucifer".

White Rabbit

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It's also important to note that Lucifer is not necessarily the devil, or rather he has been demonized by the church or churches to fit into somebody's agenda.


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We only need to listen to what we feel to be true and right. It's not the same for everyone and we should affect others as little as possible so that they too can remain true to themselves. When you look around at our civilizations and really consider how much we interfere with each other, it's easy to see how that interference can create situations that will cause illness on all levels of our being. I feel that Lucifer is the call back to that truth. God's word is something entirely different from what the churches will have you believe. You will find neither God nor Lucifer in churches. You will find quite a few greedy and immoral humans though.