The Infowar is over. We won it. Now what?

100th Monkey

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What would words be without action? Nothing.


So it is time to act.

The Infowar, a term I heard first from American radio talk show host Alex Jones, has turned into a common label to describe the information struggle between the official story given to the people by governments and officials, and the information put out by alternative researchers and media, who will not buy the deceit coming from traditional sources. If we give credit to Jones for the coinage of the term, then the Infowar began about 20 years ago or so, when he began his career as a reporter. Jones, who I listen to since 2003 rapidly turned his Infowar into a very successful movement, with millions of followers around the world, and a successful business as well.

Unfortunately, things, even good things come to an end, and the Infowar is not the exception. Mr. Jones and others like him who often appear on his radio show have done a great deal of the heavy lifting helping wake up millions of people, but after two decades of success, the Infowar must morph into the next phase in the fight for human survival. Moving on does not mean that the Infowar must stop; in fact, it should continue, but just sitting on a chair talking to an audience is not enough anymore.

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