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Tobin Harshaw, the Zionist Op-Ed editor of the NYT summed-up Chuck Hagel’s 58:41 victory in the Bloomberg on February 26, 2013: “So Chuck Hagel is finally and officially the secretary of defense. But there’s not much to celebrate. President Barack Obama has man in place, but Hagel’s disatrous confirmation hearing before his former Senate colleagues assures he will start from a position of weekness“. As expected from any Israel-First American traitor, Harshaw mentioned that Syria and Iran don’t have to enjoy Hagel’s victory.

Mark Bruzonsky, an American Jewish journalist and author, wrote on February 26, that by demonizing Hagel during the Senate hearing, the Israel/Jewish Lobby in fact “won by intimidating all in Washington who have been warned once again that if they ever say or do anything other than what the Israelis demand they will be made to regret it and pay for it“.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Republican Islamophobe, who had urged Hagel to withdraw – called Hagel pro-Iran and a threat to the US-Israel relation – voted against his nomination, but said after Hagel’s victory: “I hope he exceed expectations. It would be great for the country. Sen. Hagel has a challenge to prove to (Israeli) people that he’s up for the job“.

Israel-Firster Republican Senators John McCain and Ted Cruz said their cooperation with Hagel would depend on Hagel’s pro-Israel policies. Michael Goldfarb, a Jewish strategist for the Emergency Committee for Israel tweeted following Hagel’s confirmation: “Sorry, America. No substitute for victory, but we fought the good fight – and did a lot more damage than most thought possible“.

Bill Kristol, the Zionist Jew editor of The Weekly Standard and the chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel agreed with Michael Goldfarb. “We are heartened that the overwhelming majority of senators from one of the two major parties voted against confirming Mr. Hagel. We believe that, as a result of this battle, Mr. Hagel will be less free to pursue dangerous policies at the Defense Department and less inclined to advocate them within the administration“.

Jewish lobby started anti-Hagel smear campaign the day his name leaked out as Obama’s possible nominee to head the Pentagon. Lobby’s enmity for Hagel goes back when he served US Senator for two terms. Though a committed suporter of the Zionist entity and, also, the so-called “two-state solution for the occupied Palestine“, Hagel refused to take marching orders from AIPAC that the overwhelming majority of lawmakers in the Senate and Congress do. Israel-Firster Rep. Gary Ackerman defended Hagel against AIPAC smear-campaign by saying: “Not everyone who disagree with Israel’s policies is antisemetic, otherwise half the Jewish population of Israel would be antisemitic!“. Hagel’s problem with AIPAC is that instead of calling “let us bomb bomb Iran and Palestinian”, Hagel suggested to have peace with Palestinians and that the US negotiate with Iran on the nuclear issue.

The Jewish groups also blasted Chuck Hagel for voting against confirmation of Bill Clinton’s nominee for first US gay ambassador in US history to Luxembourg in 1998. James Hormel is an openly pro-Israel gay diplomat. Hormel, earlier was rejected by Fiji government for country’s anti-gay laws. Last year, Hagel caved-in to Jewish lobby pressure and openly apologized to James Hormel – making Pope Benedict XVI very happy!

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