The man with no pulse

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No heart, No pulse, how strange?


"In March of last year, Craig Lewis, 55, was dying from a heart condition that caused build-ups of abnormal proteins, and not even a pacemaker could help save his life.
But two doctors from the Texas Heart Institute proposed a revolutionary new solution – install a ‘continuous flow’ device that would allow blood to circulate his body without a pulse.

The two doctors had developed the device some time before and had tested it on nearly 50 calves.
They removed the animals’ hearts, and by the next day, the calves were doing everything they were the day before – eating, sleeping, and moving – but this time, without a heart pumping blood through their bodies."


This is not necessarily good, they want to put more technology into humans and turn us into a subspecies, part robot part human and this is the beginning of that. The next thing they'll want is to replaces your brain, was something that they can control.