The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru


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On a remote Plateau, in Central Peru, hundreds of enigmatic figures and faces have been found in the living rock. Figures that should not be there at all. An Egyptian Pharaoh with headdress and beard looks almost identical to the death mask of King Tut. A gigantic face called "The African Queen" looks similar to The Great Sphinx of Egypt. The delicate Features of an Egyptian Maiden decorate the canyon walls. All of these features can be seen in a mysterious Peruvian plateau known as Markawasi. Were these figures carved by a lost race? Was there contact between Egypt and Peru in ancient times? Were these and more than 200 other bizarre images like them carved by intelligent beings, or created by the whim of nature alone?

Meet Daniel Ruzo, the world-famous explorer who first discovered Markawasi in 1952. Hear his theory about the lost Masma Culture who created the monuments before a great flood wiped out humanity. Meet Peter E. Schneider, a modern researcher who is determined to champion the work of Ruzo and discover the secret of Markawasi. Meet Geologist - Dr. Robert Schoch, who helped re-write history by re-dating The Sphinx thousands of years older than previously thought. Schoch explores Markawasi and gives some surprising explanation for these enigmatic stone monuments.