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A subterranean city, consisting of large tunnels and galleries, from the Castle of the Rock, built by the Moors and the Templars for nearly eight centuries, makes the Sintra hills look more like an enormous cheese Gruyère "than with a mountain to Ptolemy who has dubbed the Mountain of the Moon, alias name repeated by Camões when she refers to in verse, in "Lusiadas.


At times even the remotest Festo Avieno Ofiusa called it, a Greek word meaning "land of the snake." Snakes would be, according to several authors more superficial data to history, the idols of Indian tribes but one can not forget the fact that the Initiates Way of Knowledge in particular are known by the same name.

For its part, the Crusader Osborne, one of the foreign volunteers in the conquest of Lisbon from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques and, in our view, the first reporter of the History of Portugal, the Serra de Sintra has, in its chronic, it was a region so enigmatic to the point of becoming pregnant mares only because of the wind ...


These peculiarities, narrated in old pamphlets did not come to the attention of retired Abilio Duarte, guard volunteer system of secular Moorish Castle in Sintra, but that does not stop, instead, we do not guarantee:

- Here in the castle strange things happen. The stones seem to grow up, like as people.

Even giving this opinion of cheap, very controversial, not fail to mention that Abilio Duarte said the details of the existence of the tunnels of the Serra da Lua, there is also guaranteed by old documents, only in demonstration impossible because these galleries are blocked in their inputs, large tracts of land and debris of various kinds, although noting well the various types of access.


The Moorish Castle and the entrance to an underground of the Sacred Mountain of Sintra
Leading us up near the entrances of several tunnels, some of them dug into the rocks, Abilio Duarte insists:

- This, here below, is underground. One will connect to the Capuchin monastery, which is eight miles away, and another ends near the town of Rio de Mouro, right next to the river that passes in that village.


Other galleries, say antiquated text, go down the inside of the mountain to the palace, more modern building but no less enigmatic in some aspects of its architecture, not to mention the Palace of the Rock, built by D. Ferdinand II, a real jewel hidden symbology, also provided with long underground that nobody knows where it leads.





Another place where you found tunnels and plutonic was the famous Quinta da Torre, also known as Regaleira Estate, located on the ascent to Seteais.

This property, acquired in 1893 by Dr. António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro, who was given the nickname of Monteiro the Millionaire because of his huge personal fortune, was to prove the large-scale network of underground tunnels of the Serra de Sintra when his equally rich and enigmatic owner decided to send two open passages the basement to turn the palace to the chapel and the home guard.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the millionaire, these works were lead by a network of ancient tunnels, appearing in one of the caves discovered was a small statue with pink color, representing a feminine aspect but stepping on an animal resembling the mythological dragon, showing certain human forms.

The "well" an initiatory and caves of the Fifth Sacred Regaleira Sierra de Sintra

Monteiro Millions died eight years after having completed the works on Thursday and in the palace, which took nineteen years to make. If we take into account what the Kaballah says about the number eight will be forced to think that the mystery deepens.


Considered by some as the last of the Portuguese alchemist, Dr. António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro followed also the unusual tradition of making deep holes in the Moon Mountain(Sintra) because in addition to several galleries of his own, still detectable in Regaleira Estate, ordered the excavation of a "well" with 30 feet deep and 6 wide.


The walls of this "pit", which serve to capture the possibility of water being put aside by those who penetrates it, down a spiral staircase with 139 steps and supported by columns.

At the bottom is facing more subways reinforcing the idea that both hole would not have been opened by chance ...


The Portuguese tradition is fruitful as references to the caves and tunnels Sintra, coming to be part of the legends of the people of remote areas of the Mountain of the Moon.

Sierra Montejunto, for example, lies about fifty miles northeast of the Serra de Sintra, but its inhabitants, according to the book of Antonio Oliveira Mello, Antonio Rodriguez Guapo and Jose Eduardo Martins, "The Borough of Swindon" think and guarantee:

- The land and sea interpenetrate. From top to bottom, to Sintra to Montejunto Mountains, the mountain is broken down (has holes) and the sea reaches her inside.

Is this Mountain, close to Lisbon, one of the Hundred Gates of the most fabulous mythical kingdom of Agharta, where "lies" the King of the World?

Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, spoke underground in this country in 1888, in his book "The Secret Doctrine", the "bible" of many occultists. But it was a few years earlier than the legend or true story of Agharta had its wider dissemination to the public, with the unusual works of Saint-Yves d'Alveydre.

Them this strange man foretold many events of great relief that came to succeeding few hundred years after his death, including the establishment of Communism in China and the European Union or European Economic Community ...

After contact with a mysterious character, whom he called Teacher, the writer published a "Mission of India in Europe, where it says enigmatic book revealing the secrets unveiled by his Master.

The Kingdom of Agharta was then an underground city where they would live and initiatory million people, the early Church kept secret, perhaps the equivalent of the kingdom of Prester John, thus saving up to implantation of synarchy in the World.

For our readers less aware of these issues, to deepen on the subject of the book advise synarchy Papus, published in Portugal for "70 Issues" under "The Occult."


In order to better analyze the possible relationship between the Serra de Sintra and the fantastic kingdom of Agharta, we questioned the Portuguese Vitor Adrião kabbalist, the researcher who has long since been devoted to these studies.

- The Moorish Castle, located on the top of Mount Moon, has been noted, over time, was one of the entrances to the legendary kingdom of Agharta.

Was also the site of the existence of a prophetic inscription, which was the entrance to that castle, but withdraw by order of the king D. John II.

This king, whom many occultists and researchers attributed the suspension of the project universalist Portuguese, when he turned the Order of Christ in a cloistered order.

The initiative didn't gained very much because the text of the inscription was recorded in prescient "-El Chronicle King Manuel, "by Damian de Goes, and is also noted on page 201," Cintra Picturesque ", a book of anonymous author of 1838 but is now known to be the Viscount Juromenha.

It said:

«Patente me farei aos do Ocidente / Quando a porta se abrir lá do Oriente / Será cousa pasmosa quando o Indo / Quando o Ganges trocar, segundo vejo... / Seus divinos efeitos com o Tejo.»
- This is the prediction of a Sibyl on the West and a pledge:

"I'll be Patent to the West / When the door opens beyond the East / It Will be an astounding thing when the Indus / When the Ganges exchanges, according to what I see... / His divine effects with the Tagus river . "

I will add two important details, possibly linked to this prediction.

The Serra de Sintra linked to Sacred Paradise Lost "by Agharta

One, is the fact that many Buddhists and other religious dignitaries Eastern are leaving the East to settle in Europe, including Portugal.
One of them, before the begining of the movement in the direction of the Sun, from East to West, told his followers in Thailand that, themselves, Asia,where spiritually bankrupt, intending for that reason to live in a country that was reawakening to the spiritual matters.

Another, was the discovery by the kabbalist contacted by us in the Serra de Sintra, of two gravestones, an important fact narrated by himself through the following words:

- There, at the Quinta da Penha Verde, the remains of a temple dedicated to the Moon, where two tombstones, written in Sanskrit - language never spoken in Europe - and brought from Somnath-Patane by the Viceroy of India D. John de Castro, they tell the story of the union of East and West, a real-treaty teaching how to live according to the canonical rules of the Holy Spirit, in this case and the gravestones are dedicated to Shiva.

One of the steles, or tombstones Sanskrit
Quinta da Penha Verde Sintra

Perhaps not, therefore, in vain all that has been written and said about possible Fifth Empire of Portugal, since one understands that howis not an earthly dominion or colonial empire but a spiritual and universal.

When the composer Richard Strauss visited the area on the Mountain of the Moon considered it the most beautiful thing I had seen. Referring to the park, built by King Ferdinand II, compared it to the garden of Klingsor pointing the Moorish Castle, high up there, described him as the Castle of the Holy Grail.
For those who know the story of Parsifal is perhaps not necessary to add anything more.


Near the Castle of the Moors there is the Penha Palace , whose name comes from large rocks or rocks that have had to cut to do it, not having your name anything to do with the word «penha».

Built by King Ferdinand II, a project by Eschwege Baron, in 1840, the Palace of the Rock is a hidden treasure of architecture and symbolic, in spite of the positivists and encyclopedias do not distinguish it from any other building.

This situation may arise in relation to the famous Giant's Window, of which only understood in architecture considered "monstrous composition, with a giant whose legs are tails of mermaids, based on a large shell and sustaining heavy bay window, all with an excessive decoration. "

But ultimately, a more careful reading, for those who have eyes to see and verify that it is the god Neptune, ruler of the elements water, fire and air - so the window has three openings .

According to the view expounded in the Kaballah, lacks the element of Earth, after all that which we addressed in this work, leading to think that this window be a careful observer, at a propitious moment, you can discover the secrets of the underground of the Mountain of Sintra (also calleda the Mountain of the Moon).

It is worth noting the fact that D. Ferdinand II also bought the Moorish Castle and all the area for 761 000 reis , and also the obligation to care for it's conservation.

After the death of «Occult» King in 1885, all property was held by his second wife, the Countess of Edla, who sold it to the State for the sum of 310 escudos.