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BANKERS SECRET MEETINGS --AMERO &/or $ --Fulford AND Elitist Excerpts

Of course Bernanke and Geithner were just in Iqaluit (Canada's arctic) for a G7 meeting, before the Australia meeting. Why so remote and then 'secret'?
Here's Benjamin Fulford on the subject at 8:19AM today (first few paragraphs):
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Major world changes are clearly close on the horizon. This past weekend saw a G7 Finance Minister's summit near the North pole, a BIS central bank governor's summit in Australia and a gathering of the world's military leaders (including Nato, Russia and China) in Germany. All of this is a sign of preparation for some major public announcements almost certainly related to the new financial system.
The Federal Reserve Board has been actively buying up all its old bonds, notes and Treaty of Versaille boxes at 1% of their face value, according to a Black Dragon Society member with esoteric banking connections. The Bank of Japan has also been buying up all of its bonds owned by non-Japanese. These are some other indications a big announcement is imminent.
The most likely scenario, according to our sources, is that the 90% of US dollars owned by non-Americans will be renamed Hong Kong dollars and backed by the Renminbi. There are conflicting plans for the US as we write but our latest information is that a gold-backed Amero will replace the Mexican peso as well as the US and Canadian dollars to form a North American region currency. In preparation for such an event the Pentagon, the Canadian mounted police and Mexican Federales are said to be prepared to deal with civil unrest in the US, according to our sources.
The Amero will have a lot less purchasing power (30 to 50% less)
[ M - see Lindsay Williams interview with 87 year old Elitist]
internationally than the US dollar has now so many Americans will be understandably angry when the change is announced. The un-escapable fact though, is that Americans have been living beyond their means for the past 30 years.