The Philosophy of Freedom (movie)


The Philosophy of Freedom (movie)
Monday, February 16, 2009

The Philosophy of Freedom is based on the principle of self-determination. You have your life. Deny this claim that someone else is a greater right to your life than yourself. No other individual or group of individuals, has your life. And you have no right to the lives of others.

You exist in time: The future. Units. Past. This manifests itself in: Life. Freedom. The product of your life and freedom. Losing your life is the loss of your future. Losing your freedom is the loss of your units. And the loss of the product of your life and freedom is the loss of that part of the past that it produced.

A product of your life and your freedom is your Property. You are the proper name of the fruits of your labor, the product of your time, energy and talent. Property that is part of the natural turnover in value what you use. Property is the property of others that your data is by voluntary exchange and mutual understanding. Two people who just voluntary agreements, are both better off they would otherwise not do. They only have the right to make decision for themselves.

Sometimes people use violence or fraud to take from others without their consent.
The initiative "run of violence or fraud:
The taking of life is Murder.
Taking Freedom is Slavery.
And the taking of property is theft.
It does not matter whether these actions are carried out by someone alone, many at little or politicians in their beautiful suits. You have the right to see your Life, Liberty and Property legitimate defense against the aggression of others. And you may ask others to help you defend. But you have no right to force against the Life, Liberty and property of others initiating «ren. And you have also the right not to another as a means to use violence against others initiating «ren.

You have the right leaders for your search. But you have no right to impose rules on others. The politicians also are elected. They are just people and they have no higher rights than those of other human beings. Despite the creative names for their behavior or the number of people that their support, politicians have no right to kill, to slavery or forced to steal. You can no rights that do not have yourself.

Since you have your own life are you responsible for your life. You rent your life from others that you require obedience. Neither are you a slave of others that you require self-sacrifice. You choose your own goals based on your own values. Success and failure are both necessary ingredients to learn and grow. Your actions at the request of others or their actions you request are only virtuously if they derived from voluntary mutual agreement. For virtue can only exist by virtue of free choice.

This is the basis of a truly free society. It is not only the most practical and humane basis for human actions, it is also the most ethical. Conflicts in the world arising from the initiative "run of violence by the government, have a solution. The solution for mankind is to stop government officials to seek violence initiative "run in your favor. Badness comes not only from bad people, but also from good people who are initiating "ren tolerate violence as their advantages. In this way, good people the power to poor people throughout history.

Confidence in a free society is the emphasis on the discovery of values in the Free Market. The focus on a forced vision or purpose or use of government coercion to enforce a vision on others is intellectual laziness and results inherent in non referred consequences. Achieving a free society requires courage to think and communicate.

Especially when it's easier not to do ...

Ken School Land.

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