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What is the real alien agenda?

Unfortunately almost all information about aliens comes from contactees.
But actually contactees are abductees. All they are saying what aliens dictate them.


There are several people that are researching abductees, but only one of them discovered the truth behind this phenomenon. This man is Dr Corrado Malanga from Italy.

Dr Malanga has been studying the alien abduction phenomenon for 20 years.
He was working with ericksonian hypnosis and NLP and has discovered
something about the alien agenda and the “spiritual” composition of man.
He has already hypnotized more than 1,000 persons.

He has developed a method of hypnosis that is able to block the subconscious
and interacts with the unconscious at a deep level.
When he achieved this, something different begun to happen.
He could talk with 3 differents part of our consciousness.
He called: mind, spirit and anima.

Dr Malanga has freed more than one thousand abductees in Italy.
And he has developed a method called Flash Mental Simulation
that anyone in the world can use it to totally free from this penomena.

Below I put some information I took from his site.
Although there is no much information in english language.

Malanga official site in Italian:

Site in spanish:

Here you can watch a conference of Dr Malanga subtitled in English:

Dr Malanga conclusions ABOUT ALIENS

The investigation so far led us to conclude that:
* aliens DO exist
* aliens created humankind
* aliens exploit out of humanity
* aliens want eternal life
* Only those with a high Consciousness are capable of dealing with the alien threat
* There is a small probability to save humanity, but the price to be paid is high: this implies the probability of failure
* Aliens, anyway, have a limited time and, if they can't make it in this time, they will have lost forever.


The MAA (acronym of Active Alien Memory) represents a zone of the human memory where the different alien races lodge their important information, to preserve them for the future: a real back-up disc in informatics language.
In the beginning using the data items that emerged out of the hypnosis, I discovered the existence of a part of “access-denied” memory that has been exploited by aliens for storing the memory and the information of some of them.
This shrewdness served, as I have already told before, to preserve the baggage of experiences accumulated by the alien during his own life.
Once there is created a new young alien body they introduce information in it. These have been stored in the brain of an Abductee, unaware to be a carrier of such information. In this way, the aliens guarantee “immortality” of their experiences.
Just imagine some important scientist near to death, because he is too old. We can save his memory introducing it, as soon as possible, in a young body, repeating the procedure when also the young body is at the point of death.
Every Abductee underline, inexorably, memories of past lives. But not their own lives, but the lives of the past carriers.

The Malanga Classification of Abduction

In "Alien Cicatrix" Corrado Malanga proposes a new interpretation of the phenomenon based on a classification of the alien interferences in five levels.
-Level One: surgical operations on the abducted person.
-Level Two: alien memories implanted into the brain of the abducted person.
-Level Three: cloning of the abducted person.
-Level Four: attempt to move the light-dots matrix (anima) of the abducted person and constrain it into an alien body.
-Level Five: different kinds of an incorporeal alien made up by light -called "LUX"- or coming from an another dimension -called "GRINCH" or "SIX FINGERS"- are the ones who control all the other aliens.

Alien Identikit


Corrado Malanga describes five levels of A.I. (Aliens Interference), and that levels divide up a ‘piramid of order’: in the pyramid of alien’s order the races of aliens are subdivided by their ‘piece’ of the ‘full¬plain’ of their original future’s vision. The Full-plain is determinated by the creatures that life beyond the five level. In the Level Five life the creature called: Lux, because these creature haven’t the body and their essence is a matter like the fluorescence.


Blond Mammalian
This group is compounded by mammales creatures, called ‘Mammalianoid’, these creatures are
taller than the human race ( 2,50 m.), and they have the white hair, six finger, and the skin white as snow.
These creature life in an universe’s dimension, where the physic and material body’s existence not is conceived, and their bodies like the ‘dresses’. This ‘dress’ are conceived by Mammalianoid for to come in ours physical dimension, because their can’t live down the physicals laws of the human word. Mammalianoid are on their uniform an pendent that are like a star double triangle.


The Orange
Also the Creatures of this group are Mammalianoid, but their hair is darker than the hair of the first group, the creatures of 2ndgroup have five finger, and an lenghtened skull.
Their uniformes are closes fittinges blues and up have a symbol like two plaites triangles.
These creature are called by authors: ‘ Orange’.
The Orange are come from the stars of Tauro, and also called ‘Taurians’.
Their ‘bit’ of the Full¬plains are the plain of the complete human genetic’s mapp, and the
abduction are determined by the order of the Oranges.


The aliens of the 3rd group are ancienter than the creatures of group 1 and 2, are very tall, and they have on the closes fittinges darknesses uniformes . the abductedes tell they to see directy these creature never, but they tell to perceive their presence as though the creatures been behind a shield.
The rares descriptiones about this ‘hidden’ Alien, tell that is very tall ( 2,80¬3 metres) and he have the shoulderes baldes thickness bone that remind two wings of we. This Alien have the roundes and whites eyes, and the peak ¬appendix is in the male under the chin, an ‘eye’ is on the middle forehead, and this ‘middle eye’ can to be the ‘very’ eye of the alien.
The ‘monoculos’ are not present on the Eart, but they coordinate the their subdordinates races with the telepaty and move theirself with the telekinesi’s power.


In this group are the aliens called ‘sauroides’. Two are the kindes of these aliens.

The Drake….
The first Kind is coumposed with the reptilianes creatures, that are tall 2,00 or 2,20 metres, and five fingeres are on the theirs two hands, and a claw is on the middle arm, as the finger of the back leg of the cat.
The skin of the alien is very hard as the coccodrille’s skin and the her colour is green¬brown. Spinal coloumn of this alien go all over the back, and form the tail that is large and thik and muscle. The tail supportes the alien when the alien is standing.
The fingers of the hands and the foots are palmates.
The aspect of these aliens is like the ‘drake’, isn’t the external ear on the skull, and vertical pupil is in the eye as the eye of the snakes.

and the Frog…
The second Kind of these aliens is coumposed with the ‘sauroids’ talles 2 metres, the tail isn’t in these aliens, and the skin of these creatures is almost transaperen. The eye is round and the look is fixed as the eye of the anphibials animals: this alien calles ‘the Frog’. The ‘Frog’s uniforme is like the nazist uniform.


The Mantis
The bodies of the creatures that live in 5th group remind the body of an insect, and we call this Alien: ‘Insectoid’. The Insectoid are as a terrestrial insect, the mantis, and like the mantis is stading on two legs.
A tiny head with a small mouth and eyes large and blacks, are the principals elements of the ‘mantis’.

This the five group of power that to be coordinated in the LEVEL ONE of Alien’s Interference.
But the question is : What does the alien in the first level?
Malanga wrote, according to his experience, that these groups deal with the direct handling of humanity through the insertion of microchips.


In conclusion the aliens planned a war in which there is only one side,
the Nazi one, on one side openly and on the other subtly masked. The
people is convinced that the evil ones are around, then the good guys
come, but the good guys are just the evil ones in disguise: the people
follow the former remaining "cornuti e mazziati" (cheated and beated),
like they say in Naples.
The monopolar hypothesis reveals it's future scenario through the
hypnoses on abductees. In this way we can predict the future, in an
orwellian sort of way:
One day evil Aliens will land, the Reptilians, that will try to take
over the world. The Americans, as always, will declare that they will do
their duty to protect us from the invasion, but predictably, the aliens
will be stronger than the Americans. At this point in time a new faction
will come into play, the good Aliens, the Beings of light, they will
kick the evil Aliens away giving humankind the freedom back. The humans
will be thankful to the Beings of light and they will never leave our
planet like Americans did in Afghanistan or Europe, like in Pulitzer
prize winning book.
The alien strategy is always the same: making the people believe there
are two opposed factions while they are sponsored simultaneously,
obviously without the earthly contestants to know. At this stage they
manipulate the two factions so that the people will side for a third
party, the alien! (Even the proverb teaches this: between the two
contestants, a third wins). This project is so simple and so banal to be
During a hypnosis I asked an AAM belonging to a 6 Fingers (blond
manipulator of the human race):
-During the last big war, who were you siding?
The alien replied:
-Why do you want to know?
and I:
-Just a curiosity
The alien voice to me:
-Mmh, mhh... with the both of them, so that whoever won so did we.


From the regressive hypnoses the resuts briefly are:

1) afer two years the sun will extrude many radiations that will arrive on the our planet destroying 2/3 of mankind. The major effect will be on the USA and Europe.

The flash of the sun will destroy all the electronic apparatus. No telephones, no Tv, no radio, no lifts, no automobiles, no water, no light and no machinery to rebuilt all the material destroyed.

In this context the alien forces will search to save their abductees because they contain all their informations.

Hundreds of abductees under hypnosis speak about this question in the same manner.
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The italian director Varo Venturi has produced a movie about the discoveries of Dr Malanga.

The movie is titled “6 days on earth” and is in part a biography of Dr Malanga.

The movie is in post production right now.

You can watch the tráiler here: