The Right Cards


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I have had two or three different decks of tarot cards and then one day I came across the Celtic Dragon Tarot Deck. These cards called out to me in a way I can't explain but to only tell you that I have given some of the most accurate readings with these cards ever. I get accurate readings for myself as well and the art of these cards just touches me. It is important to find the right deck for you when starting tarot and they will come when the time is right.
It's definitely important to find a deck that resonates with you. I recently got the Fairy Tale deck and the imagery is beautiful. I'm also a big fan of myths and fairy tales, so this is probably why I feel really connected to it. :) If you are connected, then it makes it easier for interpretation.
Yes, it makes an enormous difference in which deck is used by any individual. If you listen to the deck that is calling to you, you will get better readings. I had used the standard Rider-Waite deck for over 10 years, but had another deck (the ones that called to me) which is the Arthurian Legend deck. Recently, this deck called to me once again and was now ready for me to use. They also asked for a pouch to house them, as the box they came in is not a good place to be kept while they are in use. So I made a pouch, as requested, a soft stretchy black velvet pouch with a white ribbon for a drawstring. I can now feel the deck is happy. This is also important for a deck to work, the cards need to be comfortable. I realize this sounds crazy to outsiders who have no understanding of how these things work, but it makes sense to those who do understand.