1. Lady of Light

    [Awesome!] Live Tarot Readings by Lady of Light - Windsor and Essex County

    I have now decided to offer my services live for parties and gatherings in my own area. If you live in Windsor or Essex County, I can come to you for readings. I will work all kinds of parties and gatherings, for example, Birthdays, Barbecues, Stag & Doe, Baby Shower, etc. I will even do...


    In ancient Greece, a man could withdraw into the desert to praise his gods in solitude— he'd live out his days by himself in a cave of sand. Eremos, Greek for desert—you could look it up. Hermit crabs live mostly alone in their self-chosen hermitages, they learn young to muscle their soft...
  3. Seeker

    The Right Cards

    I have had two or three different decks of tarot cards and then one day I came across the Celtic Dragon Tarot Deck. These cards called out to me in a way I can't explain but to only tell you that I have given some of the most accurate readings with these cards ever. I get accurate readings for...
  4. drizzle

    Hi everyone!

    Howdy! I wanted to introduce myself and say a little about me. If I had to sum myself up in one word I'd say I'm a seeker so was pleased to run into your forum. I write for a living and had my first psychic experience when I was in my teens, which wasn't yesterday :shocked: :sarcastic: and...
  5. funbunz29

    month of january

    Capricorn Horoscope You're still in an overconfident phase, but you should get a chance today to put your perspective back in balance. You can maintain a spiritual point of view based on the idea that everything is just as it should be. But don't use this line of reasoning as a justification...
  6. Lady of Light

    [Attention] Now Offering Online Tarot Card Readings At Reasonable Price (Psychic)

    I am a Psychic. I have been doing readings for many years now. The only type of readings I do for people are the Tarot readings. (That is where my focus for others lies, although that is not my only power.) I use the Tarot to channel. I am now offering online tarot readings at the low cost of...
  7. Lady of Light


    PREDICTIONS for 2010 Prepare for the Era of Explosive History JOHN HOGUE History shifted into the Aquarian Age of change in 2008. Year three approaches. Let's be clear, this new Aquarian Age has long been viewed in the misty mirror falsely. Anticipated by New Age cults for the last quarter...
  8. Lady of Light

    Free One Card Tarot Readings By Lady Of Light

    I am offering FREE 1-card-readings for anyone who is interested. You can either PM me directly or post under this thread if you would like a reading. Thank you, Lady Of Light :wub:

    A Cone of the Eucalyptus

    So many piled beneath the peeling tree it seems a late polluted hail had come, some antediluvian, post-biblical plague that fell and fell and blotted out the sun and would not melt, but scattered like leaves across the walk where you bend down, pick one, then place it squarely in my palm...
  10. FACE33

    A few words from the visionary steven wright

    A FEW WORDS FROM THE VISIONARY STEVEN WRIGHT: All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met. OK, so what's the speed of dark? How do you tell when you're...
  11. R

    Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth?

    Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth? Saturday, March 14, 2009 Through the ages people have been fascinated by paranormal phenomena and external sensory perceptions. Is there more between heaven and earth than the naked eye can see, there is something like sixth sense...
  12. Rumas

    How to use a Ouija board as a channeling device

    Care should be taken when attempting to communicate with any entities. You will want to make sure you are targeting benevolent entities. Here are some easy steps to makes sure of this. 1. Start with a prayer of protection before and after any sessions you have. Ask your angels or guides to...