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in 2000-2009 i would be recording vocals, and randomly hear my dad yelling in an angry voice from the stairs when he wasnt home. 2009 i put a "water as fuel" device in my engine and advertised it. Months later people started stalking me, pointing as i drive by, yelling out windows, even signaling death threats. Late 2009 i started hearing refridgerators and fans saying they were FBI and i will be arrested for being a drug user. at my dads house i get scared and pack my stuff and go outside, the sound attack went from mild fridge noise voices to jet engine loudness saying in a military mind control voice "get out of town". after a 3 day trip i come back. I park and get out willingly giving up, i know noone was after me, but i wanted to be sure so i get out and assume the arrest position. a person drives by, calls the cops, cops call my dad and im in the hospital.

This is where it gets crazy. I wanted to kill myself or thought a lobotamy would help me. while watching tv the voices told me not to squeeze the frontal lobe of my brain to many times. Well i did and i perceived changes in paintings and people and time. I think i moved through dimensions and time solely through conciousness. But perhaps not, just to stay objective.
So i go through voices telling me cops are being pulled into other dimensions, i hear rotating repeating loud FBI announcements made to make me insane and suicidal. then i get fed up. So i use my imagination to fight these talking annoying pricks. I find out that they are merely programs, they can simulate a real person talking by matching brainstates to an a.i. control using right/wrong determiners throughout the bodies functions.

Ill spare you the lights in the sky that talk to me, the demons i felt and heard, the being that was humanoid but not human. people in confusing realities appear and dissapear. i basicly was forced to realize how messed up these sadist attackers really are, and the false power they weild on innocent people using there psychdick technology.

methods of blocking are as such:
coal tar soap
charcoal screen mesh
weedblock fabric layered
bike reflectors
aloe vera mixed with tea leaves and niacin
olive oil mixed with tea leaves and niacin brushed on gums (do not swallow) let sit for 5 minutes a day.

main points on body
teeth/gums/top/bottom mouth
left/right jaw
top brain to left/right frontal hemisphere-back and through hearing out to ears up to top left/right back to spinal chrod
spinal chord to anus to lungs-heart mid organs-sex-legs and feet.

block using coal tar soap on body feel free to mix it in aloe vera
weedblock fabric under bed around windows along with wax on metal pipes and windows.

this process helped me isolate how they work to keep trying to connect and where they do.
Thank you for this information. I'm sure it can and will help others.

I also want to make sure to say here, that you are very fortunate that you can hear what is being projected at you. I think that too many people know something is up, but they can't actually hear the voices and they just go along with what they are told and keep in line because of them. Because, I'm sure it's meant to be subliminal, and works quite well on the most people. I am truly grateful that you could hear them and found a way to block them, for your sake, and for the sake of others.
my hope is to reach those that are so torchured they want to hurt themselves or others. Im here to say there is hope. For me i found a medication that handles 50% of the voices, the crazy programmed response systems are quiet, that left me hearing the voices in the background you dont hear. To quiet those i use the blocking materials and brain/body energy moving techniques. Today i havent heard more than 1 instance of attempt to connect.