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This is a "low budget"google translation of 1 part of the photographed document:

Document photographed-Archives of National Intelligence Center (CNI) of Spain. It lacks the last leaf, the officer apparently did not get a snapshot sufficiently clear.

"GUIDE TO PROCEDURES OF THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE ARMY AIR FORCE ON encounters with forms of extraterrestrial life and encounters with artifacts of extraterrestrial life"


"a) Origin and characteristics: Two alien races have their origins in the planetary system of Alpha Centauri A, located nearly 4.3 light years from Earth, is a star much like our sun.We know their colony at Tau Ceti at 11.5 light years. The first race is a species almost identical to humans and they live in three of the six planets of its system.Their level of technology has allowed them to place the planets in their system on a single orbit allowing their colonization through optimal conditions.They speak a language similar to Turkish by pronunciation.On some occasions they have not hesitated to attack the interceptors. This is an advanced form of animals they have sex (male and female) and they behave like mammals. Their life expectancy must be counted in centuries and perhaps thousands of years, this is probably due to their advanced technology. This civilization is a democracy like that of Earth. But governments are not individual but to have an elective process by [???].They maintain a federation composed of 3 clans governing the 3 planets they inhabit.The second race is a plant form extremely intelligent, created by genetic engineering by the first, but despite this she has a natural appearance anthropomorphic.Its height is less than 1.5 m and its skin has a dark green pigmentation. Its morphology is exactly the stories of abductees who gave the name "gray" in the slang UFO. They behave in a manner totally gregarious with respect to the first race.They are used as labor and logistics to pilot spaceships. b Logistics. It is currently estimated at more than 800 [???] studying the planet. Housed in 7 major carriers with a total population estimated at more than 1,900 alien entities. Since 1927 they would have a logistics base between the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. Based on currently accepted calculations, made by Swiss experts taking as reference the waves and increased logistics visitors, we come to the conclusion that they would be located at a distance between 200 and 210 AU from our sun. They use an energy source based on antimatter, and they realize long interstellar travel, at least to a radius of 60 light years from their sun. About their weapons, they have only used one that causes a temperature of 7,000 degrees Celsius on the metal interceptors. But we know they have a type of antimatter bomb.

c) Objectives. The motivations of extraterrestrial visitors seem justified by the exclusive study of our planet. However, on some occasions they have interfered directly in the development of events. In Russia and in India they came to disable nuclear warheads that were intended for testing, which was interpreted as a message of warning. On other occasions they have been derived interceptors after they have flown over the skies that were closed because of military decisions motivated by various events. These acts were qualified by statements such as direct provocations. However, the fact that they possess a weapon as powerful as antimatter bombs, and not to be used, supports the general impression that their mission is purely scientific.
d) Leaders and information revealed. As partners with the Earth visitors have used since the first contact in 1967 in Ohio, a man and two women Even if they act as ambassadors, it would seem they have the ability to take certain decisions. A current study has suggested that the trio could represent the three clan leaders. Compared to humans they seem to have 35 years. They use the names respectively Adjuk, and Mields Solja. In total there were 7 contacts in a period of 36 years, which seems to prove the lack of interest in their culture to maintain contact with ours. Even if it was discussed to analyze the reasons and causes of these contacts, such as nuclear explosions or the beginning of armed conflicts on Earth, we are not able to find a satisfactory reason that could explain these contacts. During the meeting in 1972 with the United States, they revealed some information on their civilization and history, but they were very reluctant to clarify anything about their technology. They confirm only the possession of bombs already cited antimatter and the existence of a logistics base between the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. Regarding the technology that allows them to travel, in 1990 they revealed the United States they were traveling at incredible speeds and that it was time they had come to reverse the effects of relativity and gravity in accelerations. A trip from their star to our currently lasts less than one terrestrial day. Regarding the logistics base they have in our system, this could be explained by the existence of abundant minerals in orbit that they use to build their ships."