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We know the military industrial complex works hand in hand with Hollywood in producing these mental conditioning and pre-programming sci-fi scenarios. Just look at the involvement of military personnel and equipment--think that doesn't come with a heavy price tag, in money and message involvement?

The Transformer movies are loaded, and it seems the newest one is taking us to the moon. That should be interesting. Check out this news item on the making of "Transformers; Dark of the Moon" and their involvement with NASA on the picture.

The latest installment of the live-action "Transformers" film franchise may be packed with Hollywood action and special effects, but sometimes all that high-tech fakery doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. That’s why the film's creators turned to NASA for help. (emphasis mine)

The new science fiction film "Transformers, Dark Side of the Moon"; which opened Wednesday (June 29), creates an alternate version of NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 (in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin find a robot alien spaceship) as a major plot point, then puts the agency's space shuttle Discovery — and some employees — in the spotlight.

"The idea of the space program always was how to get in contact with others, (emphasis mine) so we've brought the Transformers to the shuttle," said Lorenzo di Bonaventura, one of the film's producers. Source

Was That A Cryptic Moon Hoax Admission?

Okay, some strange statements here.

First: There's a couple of ways to interpret that line; "but sometimes all that high-tech fakery doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. That’s why the film's creators turned to NASA for help."

Is NASA helping with the real thing, or high tech fakery? Are we seeing another in-your-face admission?

There's been debate for years whether we actually went to the moon. As of 2009, 22% of American's don't believe we actually went to the moon. Is the title of this new movie, "Dark of the Moon" a subtle reference to the body of work exposing the moon hoax? Or maybe an allusion to "dark missions" going on in a covert moon program?

One theory is that this moon landing, real or not, and even the conspiracy theories surrounding the mission, were a smokescreen for actual moon missions, but of a nature the PTBs have not wanted us to know about, including building facilities and excavating ET ruins on the moon. Could that be?

Here's a theory from former NASA scientist Richard Hoagland:

Richard Hoagland revealed that NASA planted the idea in the public's mind that NASA did not actually go to the Moon. The idea was generated by a small pamphlet distributed by a man in a "Duster" cowboy-type of overcoat who was later seen being introduced to people at a news event by a NASA PR person. The purpose of starting this conspiracy rumor was to distract thoughtful people from the real NASA conspiracy, which involves the well documented fact that NASA discovered the ruins of ancient civilizations on the Moon during the first Moon mission.

Since a shadow space program is using the alien technology, such as anti-gravity devices, to establish colonies on the Moon and Mars, the public space program of NASA is merely a diversion. The did-not-go-to-the-Moon conspiracy offers a false explanation of inconsistencies in the public NASA space program. Hoagland feels that since the ruins of the civilization that were discovered came from the space explorations of ancient civilizations on earth, that all people of earth have the right to the knowledge discovered in the extraterrestrial ruins.

Hoagland pointed out that many nations are planning missions to the Moon. This would motivate NASA to destroy any evidence of their 40 plus years of building facilities on the moons surface. He says that the planned LCROSS mission to launch a projectile into a crater on the Moon, may be a cover for destroying the facility that NASA has built there. source to read more