Transient Lunar Phenomenon


Truth feeder

Turns out that for a thousand years we've seen lights go on an off on the moon. Someone on the moon turning lights on and off doesn't fit with the "paradigm" so scientists just ignore the stupendous fact that there are lights on the moon, and they are being turned on and off. All of which is clearly documented in the Wikipedia article on the subject: Transient lunar phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We've got some pretty good pictures of the culprits too - you've just never been shown them. I recommend downloading the pictures below and zooming in on them. These are all un-retouched in any way but you can easily do your own research. Just be aware of NASA's common trick to show only black and white, and overexposed shots of the moon. While these are all NASA images except one, notice these are in color and not smudged out.

Try this picture. It clearly shows a translucent structure with supporting framework on the bottom of a moon crater. This "dome" is also self-luminescent and giving off enough light to illuminate the ground around it, this is not reflection. There are dual-lane above ground subway tunnels connecting surrounding structures that are themselves self-luminescent. The "tubes" are obviously three dimensional and follow the terrain.