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I figured these videos were very outstanding to see, it appears to be the top secret space program TR-3B model triangular craft.

news clip:

here is an older click of this triangular craft, it shown on TV a lot.

Black Triangles? USAF Witness tells more

Recently I have had the pleasure to be in contact with a fascinating man I shall call Ringo. Ringo had some insights into a photo I posted in my photo album here on PA entitled, “Things to Look At”. The photo was taken by a civilian in South Carolina in 2009, and clearly (perhaps more-so than any other photo you’ll find on the net) depicts what must be nothing less than an undisclosed military aircraft--AKA a "UFO".

This contact (Ringo) is not a stranger to me, and we had discussed many unrelated topics previously, so I was quite surprised and delighted that he chose to elaborate on this photo. I am leaving this up for your interpretation, redacted to obscure some basic identifying information.

Ringo has agreed to discuss more in a limited way, though we suspect that there may be some significant memory issues, possibly the result of periodic memory wipes due to the USAPs he was involved with. As many of you know, the memory issue is a complex one, and many are rightfully skeptical. What I can tell you is that we are exploring the issue and as far as I can discern this man is sincere in what he writes. If you have any questions or comments you would like elaborated on, please submit them here and I'll relate them to him, though I can’t guarantee an answer for any specific question. See letter below. Hopefully we will be posting more! He has much he would like to discuss.

………your photo of the "UFO"? If so, most people would call that a TR-3B. That's kinda correct. But what most people don't know is the 'TR-3x' designation is no longer in use, other than most likely one Test Bed somewhere which would be used for Test and Integration of new technology. The reason it wasn't designated an 'X' (as in X-1, X-15, etc) is because the 'X' is used on Experimental Man-Made Aerospace vehicles. The 'TR' designation stands for Technology Reversed and is also referred to as Test Reversed. If the picture you are showing is fairly recent (the last 10-20 years or so), and it looks like it is, it looks like the Operational version.
Notice it's solid black color (and there will be no identifying markings on it)? That's because it is operated by the undisclosed US Space Command. I say undisclosed because the USSC has been OFFICIALLY transferred to the new USSTRATCOM and no longer exists. In reality the USSC is still operational, but it is the US Contingent of a larger World (NATO-Like) Alliance, of which I do not know the name. They have different sizes of these vehicles but the physical configurations are all similar. SOME can operate on both conventional fuel AND anti-gravity field propulsion systems. Depending on the configuration they are used for transporting personnel, supplies, and equipment to the deep-space military-intelligence space station (Semi-routinely. That's why they're seldom spotted.
And when they are they're just classified as UFO's), for deep space travel, and for superfast surveillance operations (Again, can be classified as UFO when spotted). I don't know (or remember?) the designation or…….

Now is a picture starting to form here? Being qualified under the Nuclear Surety Program (Personnel Reliability Program - PRP) I was classified as a Combat Aircrew Member and I flew with the SAC WWABNCP and with Looking Glass. As such I had to undergo routine visits to the Flight Surgeon's Office, not only for Physical checkups but also for Psychological checkups. Is it possible that I was wiped? I mean think about it . . . I was a member of the USAF - Property of the US Gov. And maybe they wouldn't want someone with certain knowledge to simply leave and be roaming around the streets to discuss this?

Back to the TR-3B for a moment: I was going to say that I don't know or remember any technical details, but there is one thing. They still use IFF/SIF, and when they're within the atmosphere they can Squawk themselves as ordinary aircraft or helicopters, military or civilian, to Ground Controllers or ATC. There was at least one that I know of, a relatively small one, at (*******) (SD). It was kept in a small hangar off the very North end of the runway. I initially found out about it because they were having a Comm. problem, so because of our Security Classifications we carried, Job Control called our shop (on the Red Phone. Not usual!) to give us the Work Order (with instructions). Since I was the Senior Cleared Comm Tech there at the time, I and one other tech were assigned the job. I remember it was quite a 'rigamarole' to go through to get in there, but once I seen it I didn't feel particularly fascinated by it. This thing was just sitting there in the hangar, and although I knew it was a secret aircraft, I didn't feel that surprised by it. After all, at the time, (*********) was called "SAC's Show-Place" for a reason and I had seen a lot of stuff come through there. I remember thinking that it was just another Advanced Fighter or something. BUT, some while later when I was temporarily assigned as Squadron Swing-Shift Supervisor (all shops) I was called by J.C. (in the same manner, only more rushed) and told to report to North Runway with a Nav Specialist. That's when I realized it was no ordinary airplane. It was completely dark - no lights, no moon, and hard to see - and completely quiet out there. We could see that it was surrounded by people because they were carrying dimmed flashlights pointing at the ground. And then, at exactly the same time, we both said "IT'S HOVERING"! I kid you not Hiram. I remember that now almost like it happened last week. And it was no optical illusion, because we went under it and entered through a bottom hatch with a drop-down ladder. And I even remember thinking how much the same this was as entering one of our EC-135's! Now I have a gap, because I don't remember anything inside the craft at all. The final memory I have of this is the drive back to the shop and the NAV Tech telling me about the IFF (Editor’s Note: Identification Friend or Foe---a system that enables military, and national (civilian-located ATC) interrogation systems to distinguish friendly aircraft, vehicles, or forces, and to determine their bearing and range from the interrogator), which is what we were called out for. That's it. I MUST be going crazy! But somehow I really don't think so. (Section Redacted)