Twin Towers: was the placing of explosives possible?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In a recent article
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is Kevin Ryan on whether it has been possible that explosives wereplaced in the Twin Towers site. Ryan, a scientist and known for including the discovery of nano-thermite in the WTC dust, In this first article in a series of three on the question of who had the opportunity to place explosives in the Towers, known as a task that some time requires.

This may have been two types of people: tenants who rented office space or more floors in a tower and are responsible for the maintenance of their premises, or people / organizations who have access to the WTC.

This article looks at Ryan tenants of the floors where the two planes insloegen and several other floors of interest would be if someone towers with a top-down controlled demolition would destroy. A disturbing picture emerges from the article, which I summarize below the main cconclusies:

1: The North Tower was hit between the 94th and 99th floor. All of these floors were rented by Marsh & McLennan (Marsh), then the world's largest insurance broker. The CEO of Marsh on 9 / 11 one Jeffrey Greenberg, who was the son of the chairman of AIG and was a member of the Trilateral Commisson and the Brookings Institute. Greenberg worked with Marsh in the management along with Stephen Friedman, Bilderberg member and the CIA established In-Q-Tel, a company that invests in defense technology, including nano and chemical technology. These Friedman was also a member of Quill and Dagger, a kind of Skull and Bones of Cornell University, and thus knew the other members of this secret society, right, as neo-con and PNAC member Paul Wolfowitz, the former Clinton adviser Sandy Berger ( according to Philip Shenon's book about the 9 / 11 commission is caught during the steal documents from the 9 / 11 commission) and Conditons Rice's assistant Stephen Hadley.
It is also vice chairman of Marsh Mathis Cabiallavetta not entirely pure: he worked among others for Union Bank of Switzerland that Harken Energy of the collapse rescued, a Bush Sr. often linked to fraud.

Finally, here called L Paul Bremer, who also worked for Marsh and in that capacity had contacts with Halliburton, the oil of Bush Sr. and a company called Komatsu, which since 1996 had a patent "thermite demolition device . Bremer was from 2003 the leader of the occupying power in Iraq and was on 9 / 11 TV interview in which he is Al Qaeda, Iran and Iraq accused of the attacks. This video is Kevin Ryan several times removed from Google.

2: The South Tower was hit between the 78th and 83 floors. Here Baseline, Fuji Bank and AON established. Baseline was run by one Joseph Kasputys to 1997 20 years for the Department of Energy had worked. The same department developed nanothermite late nineties. Baseline in 1998 and 1999 extensive work done on its floors, including in 1999 the very southeast corner of floor 78, where the aircraft knalde. The Fuji Bank was run by Toru Hashimoto who has connections with Deutsche Bank, In-Q-Tel and Jonathan Bush, a brother of Bush Sr. From Deutsche Bank announced that it suspected of insider trading prior to shares of United and American Airlines just before 9 / 11. Of AON is known that in 1997, its floor in the south tower has grown.

According to Ryan was the largest explosion came after the entry of the aircraft. AON's management director Jim Pierce had on 9 / 11 morning meeting scheduled with 11 others on the 105th floor. He verschuifde the venue the night before 9 / 11 to the Millennium Hotel, but remarkably enough killed all 11 people who would attend the meeting but in the South Tower .. Pierce Except itself, on the Millennium Hotel was waiting. Another interesting feitje that Richard Myers on 9 / 11, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a figure that is much to explain about his performance that day, now employed by AON.

3: If a top-down controlled demolition was the plan, then in other places explosives placed under Ryan. On the floors above it matters as logical choices are again some notable organizations with ties to notorious figures. Exco Saturday as both the northern and southern tower and had the CEO and other senior managers of these ties with Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Cheney, and Buzzy Krongard (CIA and Deutsche Bank). Oppenheimer & Co. had 3 floors of the south tower and had links with Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle and 9 / 11 Commission member and vice chairman Thomas Kean.

Conclusion: What does this all mean? Not that all companies or persons mentioned in the article by Ryan be responsible for placing explosives in the Twin Towers. It shows, however, that in key places in both towers were companies whose senior managers or owners had connections with the people at the very least the appearance to what their involvement in 9 / 11 (as Bush jr and sr, Cheney , CIA, etc.). It was thus possible to place explosives for these figures, through their network in the government and the business they had indirect access to the two towers. Many of these companies have performed to their floors, perhaps more than can be performed.

Ryan promises in Article half still to show that companies that had access to the WTC may have placed explosives. It is then thought to work in public spaces. Known already that the weekend before 9 / 11 a large power down occurred in the towers that all electricity and power lamlegde while heavy equipment was used.

All of the above can obviously be seen as coincidence. Companies and businessmen have high now often a large network. However, given the very many coincidences surrounding 9 / 11 in many areas, I think this is one too many and I find the article by Ryan therefore very worthwhile. It shows that there is the opportunity to place explosives. A very worrying something must be further examined, it seems me.

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Lady of Light

Not to mention, have you seen the columns left behind? Obviously a controlled demolition from the ground. I've seen controlled demolitions before. This was one!

I never knew about the rest of the stuff mentioned in this article. Very good information. Any one of these people or their connections could have orchestrated this from the inside without question.