These days people talk more and more about UFOs and extraterrestrials. As there are some misunderstandings and lack of information, I want to devote this chapter to this topic.

UFOs and extraterrestrials have been in contact with mankind for a long time. Already in the previous age there has been a lot of traffic between this planet and others. There are some planets that are, just like earth, at the present in the third dimension, who have however developed their technology further and have the means for interplanetary transport. Actually, many different cultures have visited your planet this century, dozens of planets have sent their spacecraft to earth for various reasons. As mankind has changed a lot during the last two centuries through the industrialization and technological development – which was seeded by cultures from other planets -, and the role of mankind on this planet changed, there has been an increased interest from beings of other planets. Since man tried to go into space, and space travel and exploration began, this interest increased even more. The world wars and the cold war also caused attention, especially for beings of low moral development.

The beings that came to your planet may be higher developed in technology, but also some races came to you that were on other areas way behind the development of mankind. There are beings, that know nothing about moral, cannot distinguish between light and dark, but also beings that know nothing about emotions, and beings that were on various levels of development in a number of aspects. Some treated the human races on earth like laboratory animals, that can be used for medical research just like your scientists use animals. Other beings saw mankind as a warehouse for genes and gene manipulation, tried to combine their DNA with human DNA to incorporate human qualities into theirs. There are numerous reports about such beings in your media, many books have been written, even though many authors are unaware of the true background.

However, not all beings that come to you have such low intentions. Some simply came to observe you, without influencing the course of your development. Others even come to you to help you in your development of spiritual growth. In various parts of the world there has been contact between well-prepared humans, some even were taken by higher developed beings to other planets to receive teachings. This has taken place in previous times, too, but in the present it is happening at an increased rate to help mankind with the transition into the fourth dimension. There is actually a lot of space traffic between earth and the home planets of those beings, but this traffic cannot be observed much because the spacecraft of these beings are on a higher level of existence and therefore are invisible to the human eye under normal circumstances. Those beings are working hard to prepare the arrival of mankind in the fourth dimension, and try to assist in various ways. These beings you need not fear, but if you ever come in contact with extraterrestrials you need to be cautious and you should find out what level is the source of these beings. Beings with good intentions always leave you your free will and will not perform any un-requested medical examinations on you. Remember the threefold light protection (chapter 4.1) and ask your guardian angel for help!

Additionally I want to refer to the fear of alien invasion. There actually are imperialist races that wish to conquer earth – but the more you fear such an invasion, the more likely it becomes, as your fear sends out a message to the cosmos, which can materialize. Do not worry about your safety, because you are well protected from any invasion of imperialist extraterrestrials. There is an alliance, a federation of beings from many planets and moons, who are servants of the light, beings on the path of the Lord. This confederation has made it its task to protect earth from these dark forces until it can stand for itself, and has the power and strength to protect you from an invasion. Even though this might sound a lot like your so-called “Science Fiction”, may I ask you where all these authors get their fantasies for their books? A lot of these books have been influenced by actual events, as all events are connected and all events send out vibrations, and therefore in a way the message of an event can be received anywhere in the universe, which explains clairvoyance. There are some Science Fiction authors who let themselves be guided by such vibrations, and actual events became material for their books. Of course such books are not a detailed accurate account of actual history, but history was an influence, an idea. In the same way authors of fairy tales were influenced by such vibrations, through other creatures that exist on other levels of existence, also on earth.