Ukrainian Black Lung Deaths Doubling Every Two Weeks Throughout Europe


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Vince Veneziani
The Business Insider
November 23, 2009

The mutated H1N1 strain that’s been making its way across Europe continues to claim more lives.

Bloomberg: Across the region, 670 people infected with the new H1N1 influenza strain have died since April, the Stockholm-based ECDC said today in a report on its Web site. Cases are being reported in all European Union and European Free Trade Association countries, ECDC said.

The infection, which causes little more than a sore throat, fever and a cough in the majority of cases, has hospitalized more than 4,400 people in Europe to date. Among those, the U.K. has 180 H1N1 patients in intensive care units, France has 81, the Netherlands 38, Norway 24 and Ireland 20, ECDC said.

Well at least people aren’t dying every couple of minutes, right? Wrong.

The number of deaths (670) is three more than the agency stated in an earlier version of the report obtained by Bloomberg News before its scheduled release at 9 a.m. central European time.