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Monday, November 16, 2009

Who does not have to be free from the influence of advertising, is wrong. Our buying habits are often unconscious sent. With tunes, smells and warm lighting.

There are hundreds of millions in advertising world. And all that money would not be paid if it had no effect. Yet we prefer that our choices are based primarily on price and quality.

Pure self-deception, says Ad Pruyn, professor of consumer psychology behavioral sciences at the faculty of the University of Twente. "People think that claims are only working as they have gone directly to the store to buy that product. But the effect is often much more subtle.''

Buying Behavior is driven by emotion and memory. People from a brain disease or accident, lost the ability to experience emotions, prove very difficult to find a decision. They can therefore not shop, U.S. research shows.

Advertising, according Pruyn also aim at motivating your implicit memory. If something is activated by some advertising in your head unconsciously stopped. ,, Think of the commercial for Sandwich Spread, where for years under the same music is cheerful. If you then spreads to the supermarkets to buy, you see the logo and you immediately think of the happy tune that you have stored subconsciously. And then you can pretty tempted to buy that game.''

Fred Bronner, professor of media and advertising research at the University of Amsterdam, in this context of the third person effect. ,, Everyone thinks always that no advertisers can not fool me. I do not kick in. And you know me well, you kicked it in not. But he or she, does it impact on them. They do it about that our country has 16 million bond coaches, I often think that there are sixteen million advertising experts. If I tell a party that I do advertising research, once everyone starts talking about specific campaigns. And the rest enthusiastically hooked immediately. Famous advertising slogans as "Thank mistake 'and' goejemoggel" go across the country. But no, we are not affected.''

The effectiveness of advertising is not (only) to be measured in increased sales, says Bronner. "A campaign can be successful if the awareness of and sympathy for the brand's image has been increased and improved. You can conduct a brilliant campaign which greatly increases the willingness to buy, but whether people buy the product and continue to buy depends on the quality. And you can not checkout an advertiser.''

Editorial Note:
It would be nice if people who are aware of the fact that Santa Claus and Christmas is a commercial event, once deliberately not go along in this crazy hype. It runs only to set it to produce and to palm off / sell to consumers. People who stimulate economy, do not buy unnecessary things / goods. Thus nature also helps you a hand :). If consumers continue buying stupid products polluting companies will continue to produce nonsensical mess. With every product you buy is your behind this product. As long as people continue to buy, remain under the influence of subliminal messages continue the current economy. We surely know now that life is not all about money, goods or property? STOP TO BUY!

Source: Nederlands Dagblad