Unemployed West Allis man wins $1 million in McDonald's Monopoly game

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An unemployed West Allis man will have a much brighter Christmas after winning a $1 million prize in the Monopoly game at McDonald's.

Jonathan Kehoe won the one and only million dollar prize after pulling an instant tab affixed to a medium soft drink at the McDonald's at Highway 100 and National Avenue in West Allis. "Pinch me, somebody pinch me," Kehoe said on Tuesday morning.

Kehoe says the day he pulled the winning tab at the end of October, he had his Godson with him. He wanted some McDonald's. So Kehoe to pull in and get something. He bought himself a McRib value meal in the drive-thru. When he pulled the tab, Kehoe saw the Boardwalk and Park Place tickets.

"I don't think it hit me right away. I didn't realize right away that I won. It was like I had to, um, ask a few people, 'is this real?' And after a couple of hours, it set in," Kehoe said.

Kehoe says he has some bills to pay off and he owes his parents some money. He wants to then see if he can buy some property. But Kehoe says he wants the money to last.

Kehoe is a lifetime West Allis resident. He's worked in several different jobs including some construction. But he's been unemployed for the last 18 months.

"This is really a blessing, ya know. Right at the end of my unemployment, I pulled the million dollar tag off a cup. I mean, it couldn't be better."

Since 2003, McDonald's has given away millions of dollars in cash and prizes through the MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's, affecting the lives of consumers nationwide. As the man discovered, the 2010 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's brought the thrill of the game to customers with one in four odds to win great food and prizes every day.