US: No military coup in Egypt!


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On July 24, William J. Burns (Zionist Jew), Under Secretary under John Kerry, during a meeting with a group of Israel-First lawmakers, told them that Obama administration would not declare the removal of Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi by military junta, a military coup.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat Robert Menendez and Republican Senator Bob Corker say the military aid ($1.3 billion) to Egypt should continue. Dennis Ross ( Zionist Jew), special ME adviser to former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, testified at the Senate hearing.

“I am afraid that if we were to cut off our assistance at this point, the effect would be to lose the link we have with the military. But we would also find a backlash among the Egyptian public. The Egyptian public would look at this as an American effort to dictate to them against the popular will,” said Ross.

Martin Indyk (Zionist Jew), the founder of Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an Israeli advocacy group, wrote at Foreign Policy magazine: “Cutting off the aid now would be highly counterproductive, turning the United States into the adversary of the very actors we now depend upon to return Egypt to a democratic path.”

Some Israel-lover at Daily Kos, compared Morsi’s democratic credentials with Hitler, Robert Mugabe and Ferdinand Marcos – but not Benjamin Netanyahu, who is elected democratically, not once, but twice.

On July 9, Barak Ravid wrote at daily Haaretz that Israeli leadership warned US officials military aid cut to Egypt likely impact negatively on Israel’s security.

Frank G. Wisner (Zionist Jew), US ambassador to Egypt (1986-91), and a close friend of former Hosni Mubarak, said: “Israel has always been a very strong proponent of the assistance program. It’s in Israel interest that the US maintain a very strong relation with Egypt.”

Israeli military analyst Roni Daniel revealed on Israeli Channel 2 that the Egyptian General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi informed Israel of his efforts to remove President Mohamed Morsi three days before the coup. Daniel asserted that the military coup in Egypt is useful to Israel and it had been an “urgent demand” for Israeli and its security.

The reason Obama administration is not willing to face the truth, because, if it accepts the forced ouster of Morsi as a military coup – because under US Constitution, financial assistance to any country whose elected head of state is deposed in a military coup is prohibited.

Michael Burns, an American political analyst says the United States is trying to protect the interests of Israel regarding the recent chaos in Egypt. “In respect to Egypt, we are trying to protect the interests of Israel,” he said in an interview with Press TV.

Morsi during his one year in power, tried his best to look after the US-Israel interests in the region. He kept Rafah-Gaza border closed, boosted security along Sinai-Israel border, called for a regime change in Damascus, distanced himself from Iran and Hizbullah – and even became the first Egyptian president to visit US-Israel ally Saudi Arabia in several decades.

Hassan Abou Taleb, a senior analyst at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, says the Muslim Brotherhood “simply copied the Mubarak regime” when it came to the US and Israel, as it did “on so many other foreign policy choices” as well.

However, since Morsi was elected democratically, both the US and Israel could not trust him much longer as American Jewish scholar, Dr. Noam Chomsky, claims that US considers democratic ME a threat to Israel.

The military will remain as committed as ever to preserving, and perhaps even strengthening, its close ties to both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Indeed, it has been argued by some analysts that it was Morsi’s opposition to Ethiopia’s dam project which Saudi Arabia and Israel favoured that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The project seeks to divert the waters of the Nile to Israel. A month before his ouster, Morsi had apparently declared that, “We have very serious measures to protect every drop of Nile water.” It is reported that the dam is now scheduled for completion in 2017.

According to Muriel Mirak-Weissbach of the Schiller Institute, most of Israeli meddling in its Arab neighbors (Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan and Syria) had been to occupy and exploit their water sources.

Since Egypt established diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity in 1980, it has received $1.3 billion in military aid per year, the second largest recipient of USAID after Israel ($6-12 billion per year).

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