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I would like to gather under this topic all data relevant to prevention and cure of the vaccines in general and particularly to H1N1 vaccine as well as the flu .

Feel free to add to this material so we can all be thoroughly informed and prepared .

The data here after come from lecturers present at the Camelot event that was held in Brussels on the 11th of october 2009.
The whole day was devoted to the H1N1 vaccine .

Jane Burgermeister traced the history of her campaign and gave updates as to where we are now.

Desiree Röver deutch medical journalist exposed the danger of vaccines by tracing their history and armfull effects.

Stress was put that vaccines won't have any harmfull effects on you providing you raise your immusystem. through a healthy diet based on organic food .

Gabriele Stäehler health Practitioner spoke about prevention and cure concerning the H1N1 vaccine by talking in lengh about vitamin D3.

Below is a summary of her talk:

The primary source of vitamin D3 is sunlight, which converts 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3 via photochemical reactions using ultraviolet B radiation (UV-B). Numerous factors such as latitude, season, air pollution, pigmentation of skin, and sunscreen affect UV-ray exposure. The US is between 30° and 45° latitude, and six months or more of each year has insufficient UV-B sunlight to produce optimal D levels. People with dark skin produce less vitamin D since melanin, a skin pigment, acts as a natural sunscreen, absorbing UV radiation. Only a few foods naturally contain vitamin D: fatty fish, fish liver oils and eggs from hens that have been fed vitamin D.

different forms of vitamin D:

- Cholecalciferol D3: vitamin D3 in your skin / animals in fur or feather
- Calcidiol: 25-hydroxyvitamin D/25(OH)D3/25 D3 Prehormon in your blood
- Calcitriol: 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D
1,25(OH)2D3 1,25 D3
Steroid hormon in your blood
Active form
- Ergocalciferol D2 derived from plants

Food sources containing vitamin D

Natural sources :
Salmon fresh wild 100 g: contains about 600-1000 IU vit D3
Salmon fresh farmed 100g: contains about 100-250 Iu vitamin D3
Salmon canned: contains about 300-600 iu vitamin D3
Sardines canned 100g: contain about 300 IU vitamin D3
Mackerel canned 100g: contain about 250 IU vitamin D3
Tuna canned 100g: contain about 230 IU vitamin D3
Cod liver oil 1Tsp: contain about 400-1000 IU vitamin D3
****ake mushrooms fresh 100g : contain about 100 IU vitamin D2
egg yold: contain about 20 IU vitamin D3 or D2
Exposure to sunlight : uvb 0,5 : about 3000 IU vitamin D3

Benefits of vitamin D3

- bone health
- 16 cancer types
- infections & inflamations
- depression & neurological disorders
- colds & flus
- Immusystem
- Tuberculosis
- Periodontitis
- Diabetes

Recommended daily doses :
for infants:
if you live at 30° latitude or higher: 1000 IU vitamin D3 daily

Adults: lowest safest : 2000 IU vit D3 to 5000 IU vit D3 daily during at least 5 month then smaller doses regularly

In case of a flu: 5000 IU vitamin D3 every hour . You can go up to 50.000 IU
Gabriele made it clear that Vit D3 can't be overdosed !

Intake as high as 100.000 IU vitamin D3 taken in one dose showed no signs of overdose.

Would you then get that H1N1 vaccine or contaminated by the flu itself you need to take massive doses of vitamin D3 to cleanse your system of the poison.

Andreas Kalcher spoke about MMS

MMS is recommended in case of infections :
bladder , protate, ovaries, uterus, mouth , etc..; asthma, hepatitis, artritis, malaria, many types of parasites , depression, diabetes, herpes, acne, candida, appendicitis , and more

It is known to be the best disinfectant for viruses , bacteria, yeast , parasites.

He recommended this site:
it's in spanish but contains english articles as well .

MMS has been discussed in lengh on this forum already . So if any of you have other links to add here please do.