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Jon Kelly
Vancouver UFO Examiner
August 29, 2011

A cluster of multi-colored UFO’s using dimensional gateways to enter and exit the earth’s atmosphere was captured on multiple cameras in the skies over Vancouver, BC on Saturday, August 27, 2011. The incident occurred over a 40 minute time period when two witnesses operating digital camcorders employed three different imaging systems to generate photographic evidence for extraterrestrial dimensional-travel activities in the historic Mount Pleasant community. Baseline measurements including video of a balloon as well as a black, unmarked helicopter that both appeared within minutes after the incident show how this special set of records defies conventional explanation while placing it clearly within the conceptual framework of UFO fleets and Entidad Biologica Aerea No Identificada (Non Identified Aerial Biological Entity: EBANI) sightings as recorded in Mexico since the early 1990’s.

Cluster of Colors

The UFO cluster shown on video included five or more spheres of various colors accompanied by two or more dark bodies appearing as atmospheric cavities surrounded by glowing clouds of plasma. The UFO’s were observed entering and exiting from these cavities as the cluster expanded and contracted with the entire group changing direction five or more times on camera during the period of observation. Legacy photography included in the video that was captured in Vancouver during the recital of Sanskrit mantras reveals how such cavitation accompanied by the arrival of dimensional travellers is accessed through the generation of harmonic overtones corresponding to a universal fundamental pitch that activates cosmic principles on a local, human scale.

UFO Corridor

Saturday’s incident took place in Vancouver’s historic Mount Pleasant community, an area that has previously described as a “UFO corridor” due to the large number of incidents captured photographically dating back to the 1930’s. 2006 census data revealed how 23,615 people living in 12,790 private households in the neighborhood included a majority of English speakers between the ages of 20 and 39 at that time. The current volume of high definition UFO videos recorded in Mount Pleasant suggests how a substantial percentage of area residents may be observing such activities with possible additional, unpublished UFO recordings generated using iPhones or other similar devices that await future disclosure.

Best-in-class Optics

The optimized 3CCD color camcorders used in Saturday’s taping represent some of the best in Japanese prosumer and professional series cameras from manufacturers JVC and Panasonic. These systems include features such as Focus Assist, HD 1080i recording and 0 lux infrared Super Night Shooting at 60i. These features were utilized extensively to ensure high-quality, color-accurate captures during Saturday’s late afternoon summer skywatch. The witnesses at the scene were both seasoned camera operators specializing in documenting UFO incidents, with extensive portfolios including remarkable captures from Vancouver, the Okanagan region, Mt. Adams in Washington as well as Dallas, Marfa, and Stephenville, Texas.

Dimensional Gateways

In the practice of Yoga meditation, the cosmic principle kundalini shakti is accessed via dimensional channels (nadiis) and gateways (chakras) within the human body and responds to mantra recitation in dynamic and profound ways, leading the practitioner to ecstatic states of bliss and the possibility of permanent spiritual liberation (Samadhi) from the ancient cycle of reincarnation.

The classical Sanskrit text Mahabharata (Great India) includes an allegory that describes how the Asuras (demons) and Devas (angels) churned a primordial ocean of milk to extract a nectar of immortality (amrta) in a contest that produced a number of unexpected results. The scene, depicted on the walls of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, portrays a tug-of-war between opposing forces in a metaphor for meditation that churns deep layers of mind and gives expression to hidden potentials of the human spirit.

Two Sides

The struggle between inimical forces of darkness and light found expression in Saturday’s sighting as well. The angelic forces, the “beings of light”, were represented by the multi-colored UFO cluster that moved with grace and natural beauty, showering a bouquet of colors upon all who would look up and see for themselves.

The demonic forces, those who would act under the “cover of darkness”, were represented by the black, unmarked helicopter. This frightening reminder of Canada’s use of undercover provocateurs at public events, acts of genocide against the First Nations population, death by taser at the Vancouver International Airport, electronic mind-control, surveillance and torture as well as this nation’s ongoing commitment to war-profiteering, illegal wars and the war crimes that accompany them was first recorded by this reporter in early 2009 as it conducted operations near the Lions Gate Bridge.

Envisioning Change

Within the yogic perspective, it is this struggle between the forces of light and darkness that is churning the collective consciousness of society in order to bring forwards a new vision, a new plan and new leadership that will propel Canada beyond the despair of our present toxic addictions into an era of peace and sustainability that will benefit all and leave no one behind.

What dimensional gateways will you open within your own world in order to bring such changes into action today?