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This list is a bit old, so some of the links might be down. I didn't have time to check each one individually.. Jeff Rense - World's Most Revealing News Service (The leading eclectic news clipping service including original sources, and over 15,000 searchable articles)
* J. Orlin Grabbe. . . inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage (for grown-ups)
* Jon Rappoport: The Real News reported every day (Highly insightful behind the scene interpretations of what the mainstream reports)
* David Icke - News Headlines
* The Propaganda Matrix - Ignorance is Weakness, documenting the NWO agenda
* Homeland Propaganda watch
* The History That The Government Hopes You Don't Learn
* Guerrilla News Network, underground news organization
* Vox News - Pre-emptive News Service - "...the news before it happens" - The real story - behind the lies
* The Narco News Bulletin - reporting the drug war from Latin America
* Alex Jones' Prison Planet
* Conspiracy Planet The Alternative News & History Network - Antidote to Media Cartel Propaganda
* Infowars Alex Jones, because there is a war for your mind
* The Memory Hole - rescuing knowledge, freeing information
* Information Clearing House, News you won't find on CNN and Fox
* "disintermediated" news and commentary **raw and fast** from a New Zealand perspective
* Educate-Yourself The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought
* Centrex News Alternative news service
* Online Journal - Building a new news media of, by and for the people
* Stare incuBLOGula
* Human Underground raw-data-for-raw-nerves Yet Another Alternative News Gathering Site
* Independent Media Centre a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth
* The Emperor's New Clothes Piercing a Fog of Lies
* Global Free Press - The power play goes on and you may contribute a verse
* Real News 24*7 - There's the controlled media's version of events...and then there's the real news!
* Fintan Dunne: Eye Ireland The Irish eYe Inquiring
* American Freedom News independent news network exposing government tyranny, unconstitutional laws, and the erosion of American sovereignty
* Uncensored National Weekly Newspaper published in Washington DC (ex Spotlight)
* Global Elite - Exposing the new world order
* ZNet, Z Magazine - a community of people committed to social change
* Brother Jonathan Gazette
* The Yellow Times - online news/opinion publication, informing the world of injustices against humanity
* Kosmos Dark Matters News - An extensive news clipping service
* Project Censored - uncovered stories
* In These Times - Biweekly magazine of news and opinion published in Chicago
* Ainfos - multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists
* The Center for an Informed America
* Independent Media Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.
* Vialls Investigations Exposing Media Disinformation
* NEXUS Magazine - Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth's Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups
* World Net Daily A free press for a free people
* NewsMax America's News Page
* News - Obey - Your Government truly cares for safety... no really it does!
* The Axis of Logic - Finding clarity in the 21st Century Mediaplex
* Alternative News Network
* We Hold These Truths ...exposing the traceable links between the behind-the-scenes power groups, and the critical political events of the day
* Media Whores The site that set out to bring the media to their knees - but found they were already there.
* Unknown News - The news you need whether you know it or not
* Media Channel - Daily Media News... As The Media Watch The World, We Watch The Media
* Promoting local self-sufficiency, rural community survival, practical skills, and simple, sustainable living
* Australian News Commentary
* Active Cities Around Australia - stuff for social change


* Kurt Nimmo's Another Day in the Empire
* xymphora Commentary
* Page Count
* You LIve Your Life As If It's Real
* Up to No Good
* Mises Economics Blog
* Invisiblog - Fully Anonymous Web Log Publishing

Media Studies

* FAIR, national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986.
* Reporters Without Borders publishes the first worldwide press freedom index
* Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom
* Chart of media ownership
* Who Owns The Media?
* Media Owners
* Jewish Control of the British Media
* Media Watch
* US Media Monopoly Ownership
* Tim O'Shea: The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything
* Edward S. Herman: Word Tricks & Propaganda
* How to Recognize a Skunk Or Why Most Americans Can't Think -- But You Can
* Noam Chomsky: What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream
* The Media-Industrial Complex
* Palestinian Control of Hollywood; Hollywood's Role in Terrorism?
* Who Rules America? The Alien Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken
* Television And The Hive Mind

Featured Articles

* The Planetary Chess Game And Reincarnation
* Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness
* Life After The Oil Crash
* Mad Cow, Part 3
* The Nazification of America
* Henry Makow: The Victim as Moral Zombie

Streaming Media

* Jeff Rense Talk show
* Alex Jones – Infowars
* Joyce Riley & Dave von Kleist - The Power Hour
* M2kTalk Your connection to the Networks, the Truth keeps shining through
* The Genesis Communication Network
* Alex Merklinger's Mysteries of the Mind
* Mike Malloy, speaking truth to power
* BEyONdTV TV rips down the barriers between Entertainment and Social Justice
* Videos, Undercurrents, videos, camcorders, activism, video activist, video training, films, news, training, video, screenings, environment, animal rights, police, media, television, cameras
* Black Op Radio, Dealing with political conspiracy
* The Dossier - A collection of films, lectures and documentaries
* New Dimensions Broadcasting Network
* CounterSpin is FAIR's weekly radio show, hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall and Peter Hart
* RADIO 4 ALL connects to the movement to reclaim the airwaves
* A-Infos Radio Project to support and expand the movement for democratic communications worldwide
* Free Speech TV
* Interesting Audio and Video Clips Make You Sit Up and Take Notice Stuff
* Newswatch Magazine Radio Show (Christian)
* Free Audio Online - Exposing the Jesuits
* Interviews on Peak Oil


* Will Hart: Archaeological Cover-Ups
* Is this the world's oldest surviving inscription of the Ten Commandments?
* The Center for Archaeoastronomy
* ViewZone Magazine
* Alternative Areology and Archeology
* Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found
* Awareness Quest Research
* Chronos Apollonios' Home On Olympus
* Future World Map
* Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archaeology
* Mysterious Origins of Man - Sphinx, pyramid, Egypt, ET, UFO, evolution, origins, dinosaurs
* Mystery Of The Mound Matrix
* In Search of the Lost Civilisation
* John DeSalvo, Ph.D: Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association
* The Medieval Source Book
* 120 Million Year Old Map Found - Proof Of Ancient Civilization - The Map Of "The Creator"
* Oldest 'star chart' found by Dr Michael Rappenglueck - 32,000 year old Orion constellation
* Sitchin's Mesopotamian Rocket Ships: How to Ignore Ancient Mesopotamian Dictionaries
* To The Ends Of The Earth - Lost White Migrations


* Did The Welsh Discover America?
* Britons In USA In 6th Century - Shock Claim
* Evidence Britons Were In The US In The 6th Century
* America's Mysterious Furnaces
* Ancient American Archaeology
* Archaeological Outliers Homepage
* Forbidden Discoveries
* In Plain Sight
* Inventing the Flat Earth -- Columbus and Modern Historians
* Lost City at The Grand Canyon
* Serpent Mound Mysteries
* Labyrinth

Australia / NZ / Pacific

* Egyptian Relics in Australia?
* Awareness Quest researches Archaeological Anomalies in Australia
* Ancient Celtic New Zealand
* Ancient Celtic / Scottish Viking sites in New Zealand


* The International Institute of Astroarchaeology


* The Destruction of American Education
* Articles by Bev Eakman
* The Organization Kid
* The deliberate dumbing down of America
* Our National Education System: A $49 Billion Dollar Disaster


* The Oil We Eat
* The Global Water Crisis
* John E. Ikerd: Sustainable Agriculture Series
* Herbal medicine boom threatens plants
* Insects thrive on GM 'pest-killing' crops
* Superweeds are Sprouting in GMO Crops
* Where's the REAL Beef?
* Scientists Shocked At Plant Gene Transfer
* GMO Food Contamination is Forever
* 'Superweeds' From GM Contamination Threaten Standard Crops Scientists Shocked At GM Gene Transfer
* GM Seed Trial Ruined By Undetected Rogue Gene
* Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto By Percy Schmeiser
* Factory Farms Strive For Stealth And Secrecy
* Powerful Insecticide From GM Corn Released into Soil
* Secret U.S. Biopharms Growing Experimental Drugs
*,00.html GM Genes Found In Human Intestinal Bacteria
* Farm bill kills farming
* Fears Pharmaceutical Drug Genes Could Enter Food Chain
* GM Canola Spreading Out Of Control
* Crop Pollen Spreads Further Than Expected
* The Simpler Way: Working For Transition From Consumer Society To A Simpler, More Cooperative, Just And Ecologically Sustainable Society.
* The Meatrix


* Green giants are gobbling up the little growers
* Scale drives family farms that are growing to survive
* Down on the farm, a mystery: who pockets the profit?


* Gold - the facts, figures and arguments (economics explained in plain english)
* The Daily Reckoning
* Zeal LLC pro-free market, pro-capitalism, and pro-laissez faire contrarian investment thinktank.
* Uncommon news for the wise investor
* John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve
* National Organisation for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve act and the Internal Revenue Code
* The Origin of Money
* Billions for the Bankers, Debt for the People The Real Story of the Money-Control Over America
* Sheldon Emry: The Real Story of the Money-Control Over America
* A Phone Call To The Fed
* Ownership Of The Federal Reserve
* Eustace Mullins: Secrets Of The Federal Reserve - The London Connection
* Who Owns and Controls the Federal Reserve?
* Who Owns the ''Federal'' Reserve System?: Facts File
* Astounding exposure - Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934
* The Strawman; The Federal Reserve; Your Remedy
* The "Bank" of Rome
* Secrets of the "Bank" of Rome Reveled At Last
* President Kennedy, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110
* Henry Makow: Making the World Safe . . . for Bankers
* Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, The Biggest Theft In This World's History
* Tony DiCicco: Gold and Fiat Currencies - The Confidence Game
* Gold Anti-Trust Committee
* Le Metropole Cafe - A contrarian investing powerhouse
* Gold market - international website for gold investing information
* 321 Gold - collection of gold and investing information
* David Guyatt: The Secret Gold Treaty
* Gold Is a Political Metal
* We The People Foundation (Tax Law)
* Debunking IRS Lies
* Colin's Financial Pages - a purely personal selection
* Adam Hamilton Essays
* John Maudlin's Millennium Wave Investments
* Warnings of the coming crash
* Fall Street - alternative opinion on the U.S. equity markets
* Lance J Lewis: Daily Market Summary
* The United States not a country; it is a Corporation
* The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold
* Who Is Running America? The Bankruptcy of America, the Corporate United States, and the New World Order
* Conspiracy Or Facts?? Background to Australia taxation system
* Big Brother's Con: The Truth About ID Cards
* Great Myths of the Great Depression
* Bastille Day Report
* Overview: Gold as money
* Understanding Economics and Politics


* Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
* Nutrient Data Laboratory - Search the USDA Nutrient Database
* Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves...... just what are we swallowing?
* Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S.
* Fast-tracking the plague - Drugging America to death


* Dr. Mercola - Optimal Wellness Centre
* Health World Online
* Alternative Mental Health
* Hollistic Medicine
* DoctorYourself
* Dr. Atkins
* Life Extension Foundation
* Dr. Weil
* Mary Shomon Thyroid Guide
* Dr. Mirkin
* Chet Day
* Alternative Medicine
* t h e d o c t o r w i t h i n
* "Shirley's Wellness Cafe: Holistic Health Care for People & Animals"
* Dr. Whitaker OR
Natural Health Topics
* ( Explore Publications - Alternative and Holistic Medicine
* Database of Alternative Medicine
* Alternative Medicine portal
* Educating Instead of Medicating
* Homeopathic Educational Services
* Homeopathy Internet Resources
* Scientists may have found homeopathy proof
* The New South Wales Pranic Healing Centre
* The USA Pranic Healing Centre
* Reversing Alzheimer’s disease
* Oxygen Therapy
* Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
* Organic Consumers Association
* Treating the Common Cold and Flu with Hydrogen Peroxide, The Germ Theory of Disease
* Germs That Do a Body Good
* How Much Mental Illness is an Allergy to Caffeine
* Best Source of Traditional Medical Information Mayo Clinic
* The Dangerous Practice of Early Clamping of the Umbilical Cord
* Link Seen Between Cooking and Cancer
* Raw Food -- One of Your Keys to Outstanding Health
* Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation - Guidance for the reversal of modern "civilized" dietary trends that promote disease and physical & mental degeneration


* Novel Principles In The Rife Microscope And Rife's Great Secret
* Dr Royal Rife - RifeBare Plasma Wave Technology
* Rife Instruments
* Novel Principles In The Rife Microscope And Rife's Great Secret
* Community for sharing information on Rife
* Morris Fishbein - AMA enemy of health (Royal Rife article).
* Biotech Rife Devices
* NZ world supplier of Mind Tools & Electro devices -Rife etc
* Mind Machine Buying Guide
* Dr. Robert (Bob) Beck, D.Sc., Electro Medicine Resources
* Colloidal Silver Generator
* Light at the End of the Tunnel


* CIA And Medical Cartel
* End Of Antidepressants? - 68 Times Greater Suicide Risk Shown!
* International Coalition For Drug Awareness
* Drugging of Kids and Garbage Science in America
* Peter Breggin, MD and the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology
* Zoloft Warnings Of Adverse Affects And Interactions
* The Lily Suicides
* Drug Treatment For Depression Is Dead Wrong
* How the US Government Created the “Drug Problem” in the USA
* PBS Chemical Trade Secrets Program
* Drug Industry Stalks the US Corridors of Power
* Drug Industry Stalks the US Corridors of Power Pt2
* Doctors Consider Diagnosis for 'Ill' Relationships
* Gulf War Syndrome
* CODEX In Peril - 180 Million Write Letters Of Protest
* Support Coalition International - defending human rights of people in the psychiatric system
* Prozac Possible 'Link' to Brain Tumors
* True facts about psychiatry
* Against Depression, a Sugar Pill Is Hard to Beat
* The Myth of ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities; Parenting Without Ritalin
* Research and facts about biological weapons and biotechnology
* The Original Captain Trips - Who Was 'Captain' Al Hubbard?"
* Fighting the Drug (Ad) Wars
* Patricia Doyle: The Truth About Plum Island - Part 1
* Drugs 'don't work on many people'


* Philip Incao, M.D: Reflections On Immunity, Vaccinations And Smallpox
* Tim O'Shea: The Sanctity of Human Blood- Vaccination Is Not Immunization
* Tim O'Shea: Vaccines, Anthrax, and War: The Marketing of Disaster
* The Challenge To Mass Vaccination
* State Of The Vaccine Nation
* Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised
* Subterfuges & Syringes - The Real World Of Vaccinations
* Vaccine Safety and Benefits Not Scientifically Proven
* Vaccination Liberation
* Vaccine Website
* Anthrax Vaccine Scandals Won't Go Away -- Phyllis Schlafly
* Dr. Horowitz -Vaccine Ingredients
* or Dispelling Vaccination Myths: An Introduction to the Contradictions Between Medical Science and Immunization Policy
* Update on Mercury Poisoning from Vaccine
* Update on Mercury in Vaccines
* More Research Supports MMR Link to Autism
* Tim O'Shea: Autism and Vaccines
* SmithKline Sued Over Lyme Vaccine
* Vaccination – Vatican's Medical Inquisition Revealed at Last
* Dr. James Howenstine, MD. Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines
* Vaccine not virus responsible for Spanish flu
*,00.html Vaccine Formally Linked To Gulf War Syndrome
* Signs Supplement: The Flu Threat


* Smallpox And Forced Vaccination: What Every American Needs To Know
* Tim O'Shea: Smallpox: Bringing A Dead Disease Back To Life
* Report of the CDC Public Forum on Smallpox
* Charles A. R. Campbell, M. D: Experiments on Variola.


* Jon Rappoport explains the op behind AIDS (a must read)
* (Part 2 Part 3)The AIDS debate - The most controversial story you've ever heard
* AZT A Poisonous Drug
* HIV SCIENCE Written by PROFESSOR JENS JERNDAL M.D.(MA), D.Sc.h.c., M.Sc., B.A., F.W.A.I.M.
* John Kirkham: Top 100 AIDS Science Inconsistencies
* Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H: Aids Coverup Articles
* Boyd E. Graves, J.D. presents the secret 1971 U.S. Special Virus Flow Chart
* AIDS Alternatives
* The Aids Myths
* Heresy In The Land Of Aids - The Insider Papers
* The Aids Indictment - Howard R Kitzerow
* Rethinking Aids, The Group for the Reappraisal of AIDS
* Dr. Peter Duesberg on AIDS
* Why Question AIDS?
* Why HIV cannot cause AIDS
* Factors Known to Cause False Positive HIV Antibody Test Results
* AIDS Myth Busters
* Are Photos of HIV the Real Thing?
* Anti-HIV drug poison, summit told
* References: International Scientific Debate About the Etiology of AIDS
* HIV/AIDS research Dr. Peter Duesberg, professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.
* Rethinking AID$ A re-evaluation of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis
* Stephen C. Byrnes, Ph.D., D.N.T. - Benzene, Lubricants and AIDS
* THE A.I.D.S. Files About Mass Hypnosis, HIV, World Health Organisation, Poison by Subscription & Depopulation!
* Christine Maggiore: What If Everything You Thouht About Aids You Knew Was Wrong?
* Orthodoxy Caught Again in AZT Lie - New Population Control Effort Uncovered
* David Guyatt - Pentagon Aids
* Constant Re-Definition Of "Aids" Makes Figures And "Facts" A Farce
* Lorraine Day MD, Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases and Special Facts about Cancer and AIDS
* Is AIDS Man Made? The Strecker Memorandum
* References: International Scientific Debate About the Etiology of AIDS
* Uncle Sam is trying to kill you
* Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. : An Integrative Theory on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic
* Edward Hooper: Aids and the Polio Vaccine
* Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS: some key writings

http://www.whatareweswallowing.frees...k/viramune.htm The latest AIDS drug Nevirapine does indeed have an effect - and here's how!


* Tim O'Shea: To The Cancer Patient
* Lorraine Day MD, Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases and Special Facts about Cancer and AIDS
* Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD - Burzynski Research Institute - is conducting FDA-authorized clinical trials of antineoplastons in the treatment of cancer, HIV infection, and autoimmune diseases
* FDA Forces Fatal Chemo on Kids
* Neal Deoul’s all-natural treatment for Cancer & AIDs
* Prostate Cancer Article
* Natural Therapies for Prostate Problems
* New Study Links Monsanto's Roundup to Cancer
* Nutrition and Cancer
* Is Cancer Merely A Vitamin Deficiency Disease? Vitamin B17 Laetrile Cancer Treatment Now Available in Australia
* Cure or Prevent Cancer naturally with Vitamin B17 ~ Amygdlin ~ Laetrile ~ Apricot seeds and more.
* Prof. Dr. Karl Horst Poehlmann: Cancer and its Biological Treatment
* Cancer Treatment Tips
* A Beginner's Guide to the Complete World of Alternative Cancer Therapy
* Cancer Guide Choices
* Skin Cancer Treatment and Prevention Based on Pancreatin Enzymes
* Cancer Research - A Super Fraud?
* Concentrated Deodorant Chemicals In Breast Tumours
* Hair dye cancer alert

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

* Fintan Dunne: SARS Virus Daily News - The world #1 SARS skeptical website
* Len Horowitz: SARS - A Great Global Scam
* Open Letter From Dr. Len Horowitz Re: SARS, FDA & FCC
* http://www.whatareweswallowing.frees...oughandawe.htm Cough and Awe! - the truth about SARS
* Jon Rappoport: The SARS Psyop
* SARS Another Scam
* Infection Prevention.pps Philips SARS propaganda presentation

Toxic Feed

* The Ephedra Story & Aspartame
* Aspartame Truth Site
* Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center
* Brain Cell Damage From Aspartame
* features a link to the Fox TV expose (1.8MB RealAudio file).
* Abuse of the Scientific Method Seen in Monsanto Aspartame Research
* Top sweetener condemned by secret report
* My two years of hell on low calorie drinks
* Aspartame makers and ties to the Nazis- "Nutrapoison"
* Nancy Markle Homepage
* Aspartame is Poison! Don't use it!
* Hidden Sources Of MSG And Aspartame In Foods

Dihydrogen Monoxide

* Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division (DMRD)


* Robert M. Kradjian, MD: The Milk Letter - A Message to My Patients
* Robert Cohen (MILK is a bad-news substance!)
* The Truth about Milk (2400 word overview )
* Skimming & Scamming
* Monsanto Pushes Hormones on School Kids in Their Milk
* Milk Sucks!
* Hidden Danger in Your Milk? Reporters Win Lawsuit To Thwart Fox-Tv Cover-Up
* The Cost of Taking a Stand


* The Magic Bean? Soy-tainly Not!
* The Shadow of Soy
* Emerging Dangers Of Soy Products
* Soy It Isn't So - The Problems With Using Soy Bean Foods
* Soy Online Service
* Soy Weakens Your Immune System


* Gary Null, Ph.D.: Fluoride: The Deadly Legacy
* Fluoride and Stupidity
* Fluoridation / Fluoride Toxic Chemicals In Your Water
* Use of Sodium Fluoride for Population Behavior Control in Nazi Germany, Russia and America
* US Government Agencies Say That Fluoride In Drinking Water Increases The Toxicity Of Aluminum
* Former Fan of Flouridation Now Warns of its Perils
* New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation
* Facts about Fluoridation
* Is Fluoride Really As Safe As You Are Told? (part 1) Is Fluoride Really As Safe As You Are Told? (part 2) Is Fluoride Really As Safe As You Are Told? (part 3)
* Dentists Show Fluoridation Is A Failure

Mercury (Amalgam)

* Bob Wallace: The AMA Will Kill You -"quack-salver"
* Diet, Not Fillings, is Your Major Source of Mercury Risk


* The Oiling of America - Know your fats

Foot and Mouth

* Foot And Mouth: The Untold Stories
* Foot And Mouth Released In Agraterrorism Attack On UK?
* Stolen foot-and-mouth virus ‘released deliberately’
* Foot-and-mouth ‘probable’ in U.S - FEMA Preparing.
* Iowa Plans For ‘Likely’ F/M Outbreak - May Quarantine Families
* Martial-law option studied as response to foot-mouth
* Animal cull 'based on incorrect assumption'

Mad Cow

* Murders in 'mad cow' cover-up
* Mad Cow Disease: The Chemical Industry Plays Dirty
* Inside Mad Cow
* In The Church Of Medical Research
* Mad Cow Insanity, Part Two
* Who's to Blame for Mad Deer?
* Mad Cows Or Mad Scientists? The Suppression Of Alternative Explanations
* Mad Cow Links
* Cover-up: Insecticide causes Mad Cows & vCJD
* Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
* Mad Cow Disease - What the Government Isn't Telling You!
* MAD COW USA (Free download of book )
* Plain Truth From the Cattle rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat by HOWARD LYMAN
* Medicines could carry vCJD
* Michael Pollan: Power Steer


* The Law
* The United States not a country; it is a Corporation
* We The People Foundation (Tax Law)
* The Secret History of the Magna Carta

Science / Physics / Astronomy / Technology

* Calculators On-Line Center - over "15,755" Calculators

* Is Current Science Incomplete?
* String of Galaxies Challenges 'Big Bang'
* Subatomic Tracking Finds Clues to the Unseen Universe
* Alternative Science links
* Meta Research - Astronomy Research
* Alternative Areology and Archeology
* The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) empirical and hypothesis-based scientific exploration of aerial phenomena
* Bad Astronomy and Mad Science
* History Revisited - Carl Sagan Tells The Truth
* Dr Brian Martin: Strategies for Dissenting Scientists
* THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE An Answer To The Threat of 76P And The Plight of Phobos
* Top 5 Cosmic Myths
* The Holographic Universe
* Rex Research - Hard-to-find information about unconventional, suppressed, dormant, and/or emerging technologies, inventions, theories and therapies that offer real hope of liberating humanity
* Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology
* Science Hobbyist
* The Use Of Military 'Non - Lethal' Weapons Upon Society Toward Social Control
* When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing


* The Majestic Documents - Evidence that we are not alone
* The Presidents UFO Web Site
* Ritual Magic, Mind Control and the UFO Phenomenon
* Alien Intervention on Earth : the Allegory of the Alien


* Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake and Volcano Weapons
* Background of the HAARP Project


* Tesla Doom Weapons & Aum Shinrikyo
* Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics


* Life After The Oil Crash
* Free Energies - Eric's skeptic page
* Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
* The Museum of Unworkable Devices
* Where in the World is all the Free Energy?
* New Energy Movement "We who do not want to become extinct"
* The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)
* MEG Patent
* The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly
* The Freedom Reclamation Project - Run your car on water
* Free Energy / Gravity Control / Alt Health
* Other Power, the cutting edge of low technology
* Alternative Energy Institute, Inc
* The Institute For New Energy
* Veggiepower - promoting biodiesel as a "Green" fuel you can make at home
* Tom Bearden (Association Of Distinguished American Scientists)
* Aethmogen Technologies - New Energy Scientists
* Energy Science Ltd
* Energy 21, discovering natures energy secrets
* Infinite Energy Magazine Cold Fusion, including conventional and renewable energy
* The Free Energy Secrets Of Cold Electricity
* Hydrogen Now! an international organization making the hydrogen economy a reality for the world
* The Joe Energy Cell, water Energy Cell utilises water for a "fuel"
* The Joe Cell
* Free Energy
* The Free Energy Page
* Weird Science "Free Energy" Devices
* NUTECH 2000
* Energy 2000 free energy group
* Alternative Energy Association
* Solar Energy Systems
*,52432,00.html 'Lifters': An Idea in the Clouds (antigravity device)
* Top 10 impossible inventions that work

Security / Privacy

* Cryptome
* NSA backdoor into windows
* Microsoft's Really Hidden Files: A New Look At Forensics (v2.6) By The Riddler
* FBI software cracks encryption wall - ‘Magic Lantern’ part of new ‘Enhanced Carnivore Project'
* Gibson Research Corporation
* Cipher War - Information Warfare
* The Center For Democracy & Technology
* Privacy and Cryptology collection of articles
* The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors
* Duncan Frissell: What's Our National Identity?
* Do You Watch Television - Or Does It Watch You?
* I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
* J. Orlin Grabbe: NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict
* Anonymous Web-surfing - directory of online services
* Adobe Installs Secret Software Technology For Feds

Theology / Religious / Spiritual

* Jordan Maxwell: Astro-Theology, Retelling An Ancient Story
* Acharya S: The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ
* Non-Christian proof of the historical Jesus...
* Jesus Christ - Unique Savior Or Average Fraud? [Part I]
* Christianity Revealed
* Christianity Revealed
* The Bible Fraud
* Religious Frauds
* Origin of Revelation and the '666'
* The Star of Bethlehem - A Plagiarism cribbed from Mithraic Religion
* Daniel Pouzzner: Ancient History
* Matrix V - Quest of the Spirit, the Ultimate Frontier
* Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical And Science Website
* Annwn 2001 - Dr JS Chiappalone
* The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
* Watch Unto Prayer, exposing deception in the Church, false religious system.
* The Cutting Edge - Spiritual insights into the New World Order
* The Monroe Institute - evolution and growth of human consciousness
* Philologos Religious Online Books
* Hannah Newman The Rainbow Swastika - Report To the Jewish People About New Age Antisemitism
* Eric Jewell: The Unholy Alliance - Christianity & The NWO
* Keys Of The Warlock - A brief glimpse into the religious mind and its covert dependence on sacrificial rites (Part 2)
* Eric Jon Phelps: Vatican Assassins
* Meet the first Pope
* The Vatican against the Orthodox Church
* An Easter Rememberance
* Rev Moon's activities
* Jews Not Zionists - Zionism is heresy and that the existence of the so-called "State of Israel" is illegitimate.
* Publications Showing the Jews to be Khazars and Not Israelites
* Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception
* John Brand, D.Min., J.D.: The Pope, priests, and pedophiles
* The Truth about the Talmud
* A Muslim Guide To Countering Jehovah's Witnesses
* VICTOR ZAMMIT: A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
* The Origins of the Biblical Genesis in Relation to David Icke's Version
* Agnosticism
* Dead Sea Scrolls Collection
* Christianity As A Meme
* The Simpler Way: Working For Transition From Consumer Society To A Simpler, More Cooperative, Just And Ecologically Sustainable Society.
* Unlearning
* Out of body now a proven scientific fact
* Flying Serpents And Dragons
* Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of the Bible
* Mushrooms and Mankind
* Norman D. Livergood: The Higher Mysteries
* History Revisited - Carl Sagan Tells The Truth
* Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today

MSG (monosodium glutamate) (MSG list of names)

anonymous email accounts

scroogle (a more private way to google which we should all be using in lieu of google)

tulving (best prices for gold/silver/PM that ive found on the net, other than APMEX)

organic news site

anti-GMO information

downloadable documentaries on health, corporatism, NWO, mind control

For general survival ( going back to the 3rd world environment ) there is a lot of good stuff at (look at their info on water purification & cooking ) - A lot of hand tips and ways of doing things ie hydroponics

Super podcast site with over 600 hours of free interviews with various people well worth alook

This is a great site for alernative news / politics etc:

here is a link for monitoring Earth Quakes:

This is a very informative Site

Another site with an excellent free downloadable nuclear disaster preparation and understanding (not ALL gloom and doom). These guys are great resources:

Food preparation and general preparedness:

I'm not a Mormon, but I love this link from the masters of home food storage:

A great alternative news source - good stuff:

pandemics, hazmat, volcanoes, earthquakes, civil unrest, wars, etc. real time electric data...

Daniel Ott interviews a lot of Whistleblowers anything from 9/11, NWO, 2012 etc

For anyone who likes video documentary's, here's a nice collection of permanent links. All on google or veoh, so you will need to install veoh if you want to watch certain ones.

Veoh download: