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TED Conference speaker confirms New York Times admission – “ridiculous conspiracy theory” is true


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, March 4, 2011

A computer expert at the influential TED Conference in California has confirmed what the New York Times already admitted in January – that the same governments calling for draconian cybersecurity powers in order to protect against cyber warfare were themselves the culprits behind an act of cyber warfare that could have triggered a new Chernobyl disaster in launching the Stuxnet worm attack against Iran.

Ralph Langner, dubbed by his peers as “one of the best technical minds working in the field of industrial control system security,” said that the Stuxnet virus, which was used to attack Iranian computer systems that controlled water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other critical infrastructure at the Bushehr nuclear reactor plant, was created by the United States with assistance from Israel.

“My opinion is that the Mossad is involved,” Langner said while discussing his in-depth Stuxnet analysis at a prestigious TED conference in the Southern California city of Long Beach,” reports AFP.

“But, the leading source is not Israel… There is only one leading source, and that is the United States,” explained Langner.

Langner’s conclusion only confirms what the New York Times already admitted in January, that the worm was created by the US and Israel as a weapon with which to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.

The fact that the effectiveness of the Stuxnet worm was tested at Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility strongly indicates “that the virus was designed as an American-Israeli project to sabotage the Iranian program,” the Times reported on January 15.

At the height of the Stuxnet attack last year, many cybersecurity advocates were citing the virus as a justification for giving President Obama a kill switch to shut down the Internet, despite the fact that the worm could only have infected computer systems by being inserted physically via a USB flash drive.

The fact that the virus was created by the United States and Israel renders obsolete the entire cybersecurity agenda. Here we have the very culprits behind acts of cyber warfare telling us that we need to give them more power to counter the threat of cyber warfare.

But this goes further than the Iranian nuclear program or cybersecurity. After it became apparent that the US and Israel were behind he virus, Russian officials called on NATO to launch a full investigation into Stuxnet, warning that the attack had caused centrifuges at the Bushehr to spin out of control, which could have triggered a new Chernobyl disaster.

“Langner said the Stuxnet code was designed to trick human operators by showing them recorded readings indicating machinery is running normally while behind the scenes they are heading for destruction.”

“It’s definitely hard-core sabotage,” Langner said of Stuxnet. “It’s like in the movies where during a heist the security camera is running pre-recorded video showing nothing is wrong.”

Back in September 2010, we wrote several articles in which we identified “Israel and the United States….as the prime suspects behind the Stuxnet worm attack,” following the revelation that the virus was “created by experts working for a country or a well-funded private group.”

At the time, debunkers labeled the claim that the US and Israel had launched the worm attack as a “ridiculous” conspiracy theory.

- In an article entitled Debunking the Bunk of Stuxnet, the popular About.com website claimed that “none of the evidence” had “any direct connection” to Israel being behind the attack.

- The Economist reported that there was “no specific evidence” Stuxnet was an Israeli cyber-missile aimed at Iran.

- In an October 5 piece entitled Stuxnet: Fact vs. theory, CNet’s Elinor Mills wrote that there was “no hard evidence” behind the claim that, “The malware was distributed by Israel or the United States in an attempt to interfere with Iran’s nuclear program.”

- A Reddit piece submitted by “conspiracy debunker” entitled, “I would just to take this opportunity to debunk the conspiracy theory that Stuxnet was made by Israeli hackers,” blamed “low educated Iranians from poor backgrounds” for the theory that Israel was behind the attack.

- The Judeosphere blog labeled the charge “convoluted mental gymnastics”.

- A Jewish Chronicle article written by Miriam Shaviv labeled the claim a “ridiculous” conspiracy theory.

That “ridiculous conspiracy theory” was a very real fact, and one that could have caused an environmental catastrophe that would have plagued the planet for decades to come.

If we allow cybersecurity legislation to pass, we will be empowering the very cyber terrorists, the US military-industrial complex, who launched the most devastating and potentially dangerous cyber attack to date, handing them carte blanche to exploit more acts of cyber warfare to exalt themselves as the saviors when they are the very culprits behind the attacks.

“Ridiculous conspiracy theory”: The Alex Jones Show from September 27, 2010, in which Israel and the United States were identified as being behind the Stuxnet attack.


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