Truth feeder
Aaron Dykes
August 3, 2010

Members of
caught up with David de Rothschild, heir to the notorious Rothschild family, and asked him some relevant questions.

Heir to a global system of manipulation, lies and enslavement for the average family, David de Rothschild has put his reputation on the line to push for climate change taxation. David de Rothschild
and stumped for his ‘earth saving’ plastiki boat that runs on human feces fuel. He has boldly advocated carbon taxes that his family’s carbon exchange firm would benefit directly from. He has even gone so far in the name of arguing for phony global warming as to claim that icecaps melt on Mars because the planet is closer to the Sun than Earth.

Now David de Rothschild is even taking on crowds and talking to ordinary people to redeem support for phony climate change legislation. At one moment in the video, he attempts to explain away the impact of Climategate in his presentation. Rothschild claims he appreciates the ‘skepticism’ of the public over global warming, but calls it a “futile debate,” arguing that other environmental factors still demand our action… and carbon policing laws.

Members of We Are Change San Francisco then had a chance to chat with David after his talk.

One member asked, “What’s more important, the sustainability you’re talking about, or the 99% of the public who will feel the crunch of dramatically reducing their consumption.”

Rothschild answered, “It’s both. They are one in the same. You can’t separate the two. I think what we have to do is move from a product-based society to a service-based society.”

Editor’s Translation: Yes to feeling the crunch. Expect to see an economy with no manufacturing, where the only jobs available are service jobs, and those will be tightly controlled by the green police and (green) tax collectors.

Rothschild was also asked if population reduction would fit ‘conveniently’ into the sustainability agenda. He shrugged, “Well, nature has a way of doing that.” He made no mention, however, of the depopulation agenda that has been an obsession of the global elite, including his clan, for over a century.

Rothschild also commented that “GM is whack,” an “off-the-cuff” slang remark he used to note both his and the public’s opposition to genetically-modified foods. However, while they could be forced on the majority of the population, Rothschild, like other members of the Super Class, have access to their own supply of unadulterated foods and are unlikely to encounter such tainted and potentially dangerous food stocks.

Nevertheless, he did engage the public; that says something. There has been a noted disaster of public confidence following the Climategate scandal. Though ‘investigations’ cleared the particular professors’ names, the real blow from the leaked documents was the distrust it brought out in their previously willing suckers. Rothschild and everyone else are desperate– in as much as they wish to still push climate laws– to win back the masses. That even means ‘joking’ about Internet rumors that his family descend from a line of rather ‘lizard-like’ ancestors. Ha?

We Are Change San Francisco