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go to: "3 w's"abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread33/pg1"NORTH KOREA ACCUSED OF USING MK-ULTRA TECHNIQUES TO BREED KIDNAPPED WOMEN"by Gordon ThomasGordon Thomas: is the author of fifty-three books. Total sales exceed 45 million copies. Several were Main Selections for Book of the Month Club, the Literary Guild Book and the Readers Digest Book Club. He has received two Mark Twain Society Awards for Reporting Excellence.Please answer based in the fact that you took the time to research and come with a factual answer, you aren't kids, I mean sometimes kids can do a research and answer better than a lazy adult..I don't want an opinion and bashing others. Don't have nothing to say, then why bother?
Umm... you can't breed kidnapped women. A woman is considered kidnapped only after she has been kidnapped, not by the circumstances of her birth.
Some crackpot CIA mind control project from the 50's.Headed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, MKULTRA was started on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles on April 13, 1953, largely in response to alleged Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean use of mind-control techniques on U.S. prisoners of war in Korea. The CIA wanted to use similar methods on their own captives. The CIA was also interested in being able to manipulate foreign leaders with such techniques, and would later invent several schemes to drug Fidel Castro.In 1964, the project was renamed MKSEARCH. The project attempted to produce a perfect truth drug for use in interrogating suspected Soviet spies during the Cold War, and generally to explore any other possibilities of mind control.Because most of the MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of the Director at that time, Richard Helms, it is impossible to have a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research projects sponsored by MKULTRA and related CIA programs.
The MK technique was a tool of mind control by the CIA under a "Black Ops" program of secrecy with few, if any, regulations or controls using various drugs and repetition of statements made to illicit a given predicable response. It is highly likely to enable, or cause, "breeding" by any one, kidnapped or otherwise. The program does work! The reason this claim is made at all, at this time, is due in part to the admitted failure of the program in the US and subsequent abandonment. I mean, everybody knows that! Exposing the public of it's re-newed use in such a heinous manner by North Korea will assure an independent world outcry of increased civil rights violations and an "independent investigation" of the allegations will have to follow. Enter...Guess who? Therefor, attention and possible (we could also call it incidental) discovery of other more sinister programs being used by N.Korea which threaten the free world can then be exposed and indignation shall rain across the boards. Where do you suppose that kind of activity will lead?MK-ULTRA results actually led to another secret military program called Stargate and the creation of PsycOps, or more appropriately PsyCops. The fact is, world governments - that's with an "s" - are willing to spend the lives of our youth and untold thousands upon thousands of tax dollars to get a simple 25 cent postcard. Especially if the postcard is the postcard they feel is the one worth getting. It's good to be the king!