what matters; Inspiration from W Mitchell


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W. Mitchell was in two life changing accidents, his face and fingers were completely burned off and in the second accident became paralyzed. He now lectures around USA and has a way with words that read the heart and inspire our spirit to keep going. He spoke about mental wheelchairs, not just physical ones- and how we become what we dwell on.

What Matters: W Mitchell


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This man is without question an inspiration. I am not sure I would have the same attitude in his shoes. As my eyes are opening to all the truths of who we are, I have changed my consciousness many times, I have realize I think and act differently. These bodies are temporary, and whats inside is what really maters.


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so true. This man found a way to describe his ordeal not be what he suffered but by how he succeeded and to inspire us along the way. In the face of what he endured and goes through everyday by what he can do, not what he didnt do or could have done!

When he described the doctor looking at his drivers license photo and pausing only to say, "Im sure we could improve on that" made me laugh and smile, because W. Mitchel says," And they did!'

you are so right what is on the outside really doesnt matter compared to what is on the inside!