Wheat Grass, a natural energy boost


Wheat Grass, a natural energy boost

Saturday, January 9, 2010


When I first read about people who squeezed wheat grass to drink, I was surprised. Now I lived at that time, quite healthy,i knew a lot of vitamins and minerals were good to consume, but the wheat grass drink I had never heard of.

Let's face it, if you do eat grass, then so do the cows, sheep and goats. If you think for a moment, then you must conclude that grass obviously has very much nutrition in it. For instance take a cow, look how big such an animal ca get by only eating grass.

Drinking wheatgrass is gaining in popularity, in different occasions you can make a fresh glass on the presses. Was only the first part of the diet of people who eat raw ingredients, more people now consume one glass in between there day as an energy boost.

What is wheat grass?
When we sow wheat grass first arises, it is called wheat grass, as simple is it. Let the grass grow undisturbed, will eventually create wheat. Wheat and we all know most of us eat everyday, it's in our bread, our muesli, we are baking cookies and more numerous products containing wheat. It is rich in fiber and so it is also recommended for good intestinal flora. Wheat Grass is as food for human consumption is not known to the public. Wheat grass is extremely strong and especially tough, very tough.

The history of wheat grass (ultra short version)
For over sixty years ago, wheat grass drink in countries like America and Canada. It was used to disinfect wounds and absorb the alleged healing effects on diseases. The emergence of antibiotics and vitamin disappeared and became interested in the wheat grass a little forgetful. Sixties and early seventies the Japanese Yoshide Hagiwara (1925-2004) and the U.S. Ann Wigmore (1909-1993) that the grass drinking places back in the spotlight. Yoshide Hagiwara is excited about barley grass and built a great empire on them (barley green supply), Ann Wigmore gives after lengthy investigation prefer wheat grass.

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