Why are you here? You've felt it your entire life


I get the point of this video, I can't help but feeling angry and trapped at all the evil that it's displaying. What are we doing to ourselves, what will it take to end this. What will it take to wake everybody up?

Truth Vibrations

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A total consciousness shift of nearly everyone on the planet. But apparently the magic number is 144,000. At 144,000 that's the magic number where thoughts become reality. If 144,000 people concentrate on creating a more peaceful and loving world and eliminating the illuminati they can manifest it.


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Very nicely put together video. I love the integration of They Live and the awesome speech from The Matrix!

If we keep on our quest of waking people, then we WILL reach that number and more.

It's terrible what this world has come to and how much control THINGS and STATUS have over us.

Both those movies have it right, stopping and actually SEEING what's there in They Live, and everything that has been said in that speech "like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad" from The Matrix. That's exactly it, we KNOW there's something wrong, but we don't know what it is or how to deal with it. Let's work to change that and get these elite bastards out of control and take back our planet and rid ourselves of our suffering.


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great vid :) The sentiments ring true to many people but, there is one problem. One reason why many dont wake up is that ordinary people's only source of happiness is these attachments. Watching T.V., shopping, mindless indulgence, etc... Those who try to help or awaken others are truly "up against it." I believe that to work on ourselves is the most important, strengthen our minds, hearts and spirits.

Boiling Frog

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That's just it we are actually only waking these people up, they actually just forgot who they are, just like we did once.