Why can weed ....... not?
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just about any government believes that smoking should be, so you can freely on every corner you buy tobacco. You can even grow tobacco as you could want. Not because the government believes that this is good for you, because the government says even that is bad for your health but rather because I think smoking tobacco is something that people always have done.

Now the same government that says you should not use hemp should not consume and can not grow, because this is not good for you.

But the real reason that tobacco is not prohibited but hemp has nothing to do with health. It has everything to do with economy and so ... with power.

The truth is that weed is not fresh lavender or a greater health risk than tobacco or alcohol, both of which are protected by law. Why is it banned? Because if it was grown, half of all cotton growers and producers of nylon, plastic and wood products would be unemployed.

Hemp is one of the most useful, strongest, toughest, non Abradable materials on our planet. It is the best fiber for clothing, you make it stronger ropes and it is an easily harvestable source for pulp. We cut the lungs of the earth for our newspapers, even on Sundays are now. In the same newspaper we read that the rainforests disappear (which is not included?).

With hemp we can all newspapers without a tree to have heels. Hemp may be many cases be used as substitute for only one tenth of the cost. And there is the trap. There is someone who is going to lose much money if this wonderful plant that also has exceptional healing properties, can be grown. And there you have the reason why the government says hemp is not.

Eddy (editor star people)


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