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Scientific research confirms the benefits of scents and their role in the activation of brain cells for the storage of information ....
In the new German research conducted by scientists recently found that smells like the smell of fragrant flowers, active memory centers in the brain! Scientists say the good smells strengthen learning pathways in the brain, and help the enjoyment of human memory is stronger.

This research, published on the journal Science, stressed the importance of learning during sleep and smell good before going to sleep helps to install what you do for the human during the day. Other studies have also demonstrated that smells good help to the emotional stability of a person ...

Now, my dears, we wonder: Is he the greatest of the Prophet peace be upon him the importance of good in the life of the believer? The Prophet peace be upon him: "dear to the world, women and perfume, and made the apple of my eyes in prayer" [Narrated by Tabarani in the great, and the women in his Sunan, and ruling them both and said, a true Muslim.

This Hadith telling us the character of the Holy Prophet "worldly" He does not want fame or money, or the Sultan, but stressed the importance of women and their role in the lives of men, and at this point to the importance of marriage, do not forget that scientists have uncovered many benefits, medical and psychological marriage.
He also stressed the Hadith on the importance of prayer and research has shown that the prayer of medical benefits are many in the prevention of the pain of the spine and lower back pain and neck, as well as Scientists have proved that the preservation of the prayers "in the mosques," protects against heart disease and hardening of the arteries, diabetes ... Is this not a miracle Hadith attest to the truth of this the Holy Prophet?

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