World Health Organization: Mexican flu vaccine risk

Saturday, July 18, 2009
We can see that WHO is trying to cover there asses after the fact that millions of people have already taken the flu shots now telling people the potential risks this is what i thought all along this comes up just after Jane Burgermeister that has sued WHO United nations as well as Barack Obama for conspiring to commit mass genocide on the people of the world we can clearly see they are trying to cover there tracks here but it is far to late and they will be held accountable for there actions in short people do not get the flu vaccines and live a strong and healthy life....ricklbert
AMSTERDAM -- The Mexican flu vaccine is not without risk. Because it is a new virus and to make the new vaccine technology is used, the potentially serious side effects.

This is shown by an opinion of World Health Organization WHO in the GPD newspapers. The results of the investigation into the effects can only be ready in December, while the Netherlands in the autumn would be vaccinated.

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Source: telegraph