World Vision Execs Asleep at the Wheel?


World Vision Execs Asleep at the Wheel?

June 5th, 2009 in Breaking News, Charity Watch
BBC NEWS | Africa | Liberia aid workers ’stole $1m’.

A US-based international Christian relief organisation says it believes more than 90% of its aid to Liberia went missing in a massive fraud scam.

World Vision’s Vice-President Geoff Ward told the BBC the losses came to more than $1m and pledged to make “every effort” to avoid a repeat.

A former senior World Vision official in Liberia and two other workers have been charged over the alleged fraud.

They are accused of selling the food in local markets and keeping the profits.

They are also alleged to have used construction materials to build themselves multiple homes using labour provided by US-funded aid workers.

Joe Bondo, a Liberian who was a manager on the project, has been in a Washington jail since his arrest on 20 May.

The Associated Press reports that Mr Bondo, along with two other officials, have been charged with 12 criminal counts, which include fraud, theft, lying to investigators and witness tampering.