You will be lied about the Somali pirates


You will be lied to about the Somali pirates

You will be lied to about the Somali pirates
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alleged pirate vessel..
In our media, the pirates in the waters of Somalia depicted as nothing than terrorists and also by direct actions against the pirates approved. Only the question of how we need it so can suddenly since the early 90s piracy in such forms has been taken out of context.

Of course the easiest idea that once a government has fallen the people no longer held in check and make it to food and money to achieve that piracy would be a logical consequence.

But for those who look a bit further shows that there are other things in play.

Thus, since the fall of the government in Somalia once the most normal thing in the world (some ships with flags of European countries) but for chemical and nuclear waste in the Somali sea dumping. Not only that, in places where waste is dumped and where the waters are still clean, the sea systematic depletion. In this way, the coastal people of Somalia, on the one hand, a major source of food deprived (which must be reminded me that the country has to do with major food shortages) and on the other hand poisoned foods.

So strange is it not as some people insist that the Somali territorial waters to defend against these illegal invaders.
That they are not the correct methods, are beyond question ... but a cat in distress makes strange jumps!

Now people through various media sources are beginning to become aware of the fact that eea dumped there and the seas are fished out, it is possible that this cesspool of something starts to stink too much for certain people (or organizations). Surprisingly, it is not through the media the issue of piracy is high and the playing friends from the political rush to the aid of a few warships to the piracy problem as soon as possible undoing.

So ... also (or) for reporting on piracy or terrorism, we need our eyes and ears still look at what cost to us all is spelled on our sleeves ... or nothing is misspelled on the sleeve. And a half of the truth is a lie!

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