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The other day I came across an interesting article by Rev. Howard Bess, entitled Hiding the True Jesus in which he challenges Christian dogma about Jesus, Christianity and the Gospels. In my comments, I tried to explain that some of Rev. Howard Bess narratives of the life and Jesus’ message are closer to Holy Qur’an and Muslims’ views of the historical Jesus.

Howard says that Jesus was not a non-violent rabbi who grew up in Galilee in Northern Palestine – but a radical supporter of the 99% sheep against the 1% fat cats.

“Jesus was a social and political radical, an advocate for the poor. Jesus had no regard for the rich and made his fateful trip to Jerusalem to rally opposition to the protectors of this aristocratic system,” says Howard.

Howard also confirms that Jesus never preached the separation of politics from religion – and those who believe otherwise are not true followers of Jesus.

“Those who today want to separate politics, social ethics and issues of wealth and poverty from religion are not following the lead of Jesus from Nazareth,” wrote Howard.

The so-called “political Islam” is one of many WMDs the pro-Israel groups have been using against Muslims. Islam doesn’t separate Church from the White House. In Qur’anic teachings, the rulers and the scholars at mosques have to be God-fearing individuals who serve fellow citizens than serving the Wall Street or Israel Lobby (AIPAC). In fact, political activism is a major tenet of Islam.

Howard also says that the four Christian Gospels were not written by Jesus’ disciples but people who stole their names – and who never met or heard Jesus in person.

“Jesus’s disciples were not writers and none of the gospel writings can be traced to them. The gospels that we have in the Bible are collections of oral traditions reduced to writing and enlarged by unknown writers two generations after the death of Jesus,” says Horward.

Howard agrees with many Judeo-Christian and Islamic scholars that Christianity was created by St. Paul and not Jesus.

“The idea that Jesus was a universal sacrifice for the sins of the whole world was a theological construction of Paul, who never knew Jesus and had little knowledge of his life. Indeed, in Paul’s many writings, he never indicates any awareness of the life of Jesus or his teachings,” wrote Howard.

However, Rev. Howard Bess, who is a retired US Baptist minister, has made the usual historic mistake by calling Jesus and his community members as “Jews”. In those days, the followers of Moses’ Law were known as Hebrew tribes or Israelites – but not Jews

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