12 January 2012

If beloved pets could speak what would they tell you? Could your dog warn you of an approaching car accident? Might your cat share tomorrow's winning lottery numbers? A Cambridge, England scientist thinks he has evidence many animals have ESP powers...

While some humans have ESP, most animals do—so believes Dr. Rupert Sheldrake of scholarly Cambridge where science is often approached somberly in quiet laboratories and skepticism hangs heavily in the hallowed halls of knowledge.

Convincing colleagues to investigate something like the clairvoyance of cats or the telepathic powers of pups isn't easy. Yet Sheldrake is trying.


Animals are psychic claims top biochemist

Who is Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and how credible is he?

Well, Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biochemist. He's also the author of more than 80 scientific papers and 10 books.


Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

A former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, he studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, where he was a Scholar of Clare College, took a double first class honors degree and was awarded the University Botany Prize.

If that's not enough credentials for you, how about the fact he studied philosophy and the history of science at Harvard University where he was a Frank Knox Fellow. Finally, he returned to Cambridge and was awarded a Ph.D. in biochemistry.


What secrets does he know that you don't?

So when a man like this says animals are psychic, people are likely to listen.

And listen they do, especially those with pets who've experienced first hand animals remarkable prescient ability, awareness of a future event, or seemingly telepathic prowess.


Animals are telepathic and see into the future!

Amazing powers documented

Sheldrake meticulously documents some animals' amazing abilities, among them:

• Animals that know when their owners have met with accidents or have died in far away places

• Cats and dogs that try to hide when they sense they are being taken to the vetinarian

• Telepathic distress signals sent to human owners who suddenly know that a pet they left at home has died

• Awareness of earthquakes and other impending natural disasters

Sheldrake specifically discusses the animal reactions preceding (by days) the titanic tsunami that inundated Indonesia in 2004. Animals of every species fled the coastline and desperately raced for higher ground.


Ancient Egyptians knew cats might sense other dimensions!

The scientist now has a database boasting more than 5,000 case histories of psychic phenomena in animals.

Based on his research, Sheldrake reports, "In telephone surveys in Britain and the U.S., I found that in about 50 percent of dog-owning households and about 30 percent of those with cats, the animals were said to anticipate the arrival of a member of the family. And it was not just dogs and cats that were involved. More than 20 other species showed similar behavior, especially parrots and horses, but also a ferret, several bottle-fed lambs raised as pets, and pet geese."

Other documented psychic abilities in animals include being aware of impending avalanches hours or days in advance and even warfare and terrorist attacks.


Psychic pets saved many people in World War Two

Psychic pets saved Brits in WWII

The Cambridge scientist relates an amazing story of family pets that saved human lives during Germany's air attacks on Britain during the Second World War.


Family cats warned of incoming rocket attacks

"The animal reactions occurred when enemy planes were still hundreds of miles away, long before the animals could have heard them coming, and some dogs in London anticipated the explosion of German V-2 rockets, even though these missiles were supersonic and could not have been heard in advance," he writes.

Sheldrake urges scientists to put aside their natural reluctance to investigate the extrasensory phenomenon and dig into how and why animals possess these remarkable powers.

Doing so, he says, will help save more lives.