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CNN’expert’ on Sunday:”London is located in Norfolk.”

According to a recent poll, former Mayor Ken Livingstone has overtaken the Conservative incumbent Mayor Boris Johnson, a Crypto Jew for the coming London Mayrol election on May 3. The Labour candidate secured an impressive five-point swing since June and leads by 51% to 49%.

Boris Johnson is seen as increasingly out-of-touch, with just 13% saying he understands the needs of ordinary people, compared to 40% for Ken Livingstone.

On January 1, 2012 – Ken Livingstone in an Ed-Op in the Guardian laid out his economic plan as next Mayor of London – “Hit the 1% fatcats on behalf of 99% have-nots“. If that happens, it certainly will create problems for Labour Party’s Jewish leader Edd Miliband and the “Labour Friends of Israel” who are sure for Ken’s defeat.

“Faith in politics is at a low ebb. There is little sense that politicians can make a change for the better. There is a strong sense of injustice about the bankers’ actions and how the public are being made to pay through their jobs, services, pay and pensions. The Occupy movement’s significance has been in arguing for policies for the 99%, not just the privileged 1%. Politicians too must rise to the call for policies that put people first,” wrote Ken Livingstone.

Israeli daily YNet claimed in 2005 that London’s socialist (Red Ken) Mayor Ken Livingstone is not “anti-Semite, just an Israel hater“. Ken has many friends and supporters among Jews.

However, the Jewish Lobby and its anti-Arab-Black White Supremacist supporters like English Defence League have many reasons to disagree with YNet. For example, Ken Livingstone, as London Mayor, had invited and embraced (see picture on left above), Qatar-based Sheikh Dr. Qaradawi who supports Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and justifies Palestinians military resistance against foreign Jewish occupiers. Ken has also worked for Iran’s ant-Israel Press TV which was banned last week by Israel-Firster government of David Cameron.

Ken Livingstone had appealed to Tony Blair not to support war on Iraq. Ken is also an admirer of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who hates Israel and calls Dr. Ahmadinejad “dear brother“.

Many Zionists jerks even have problem with Ken’s autobiography, You Can’t Say That. For example, Andrew Gilligan, in his review of the book in British daily The Telegraph (December 11, 2011) came up with this mathematics to prove why he doesn’t like Ken Livingstoene:

“Jew/ Jews/ Jewish (80 times), Israel/ Israeli (64 times), Racism/ racist (43 times), Veronica Wadley, former editor of the Evening Standard (33 times), Zionist/ Zionists/ Zionism (32 times), Transport for London/ TfL (30 times), Nazi/ Nazis/ Nazism (23 times), NHS/ National Health Service (17 times), Hitler (16 times), Lee Jasper (16 times), Routemaster (16 times), Sorry (7 times), Socialist Action (1 time) and Bendy bus (0 time).”

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