1. Tee

    My daughter and I

    Hello! My daugher and I both need help and healing. Organized stalking, an some kind of ev evil forces along with it. My daugher is addicted to drugs and im being harassed by stalkers, and i feel th are destroying us. Thank you!
  2. Lionnessalone

    [Bombshell!] I feel lost and really alone

    I have been having strange phenomenon in my dreams lately. I have not spoken to any of my family because they all think that I am a little different anyways as it is. I feel like I don't belong, like I am not related to any of them. I knew that my father was my father, but for the longest time...
  3. P


    Stumbled across this site and it looks like it fits me perfectly. I'm searching for truth and knowledge. I'm open to everyone views and I study and research everything. Sometime i'm afraid to say what I really think and feel knowing a lot of people out there are judgmental. Hopefully on this...
  4. Boiling Frog

    23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert

    I never thought I was an introvert, but after reading this I may be. More: 23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert
  5. Lady of Light

    You Must Be Yourself And Believe In Yourself To Be Free - Lady of Light

    "The only way to be free is to be yourself and believe in yourself." - Lady of Light How can you have any true feelings of freedom if you can't be yourself. Being yourself and believing in yourself is the ONLY way to be free and to feel free. Don't limit yourself to what others think and...
  6. Denise

    [Inspiring] Dashcams can capture the good in the world!

    If you are feeling down and need a boost this video well do that. There is good in this world! Hopefully you feel the love from this video as I did.
  7. Lady of Light

    No One Is Inadequate - Lady of Light

    "No one should be made to feel inadequate." - Lady of Light Again, this pretty well speaks for itself. But... Don't put others down because of what YOU may feel is not good enough. Everyone has their abilities and disabilities, their talents and strong suits and their flaws. No one should...
  8. Denise

    If you feel that you are too small to change something...

    said the Dalai Lama
  9. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Recorded By TV News Over Australia Wildfire, Jan 7, 2013

  10. 2

    [Update!] J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Reports 2012 Second Quarter Results

    While I feel sympathy for JCP's emoloyee who all will eventually get pink slipped in favor of technology (I hope they're aware of this and are trying to save for this event)I don't feel sorry for their greedy owners or board members. Whether people are ignoring JCP as a silent form of protest...
  11. M

    [Help!] Negative energy attack

    HELP, I've discovered within the past few months that I am an Empath and a very, very strong one. I have no idea how to control this or how to protect myself. My Uncle (by marriage) passed away earlier this week. He was a deeply disturbed man and upon meeting him for the 1st time I had an...
  12. Unhypnotize

    Hi, I would like to be healed please!

    Recently, I feel low in energy, low in self-esteem, depressed, and unhappy. I am worried about my money, future, work, and life. I feel useless; I can’t see a good future ahead of me.
  13. Denise

    GFL, A FEW QUESTIONS FOR YOU?~~Greg Giles 02 .03 12

    We see so many of you doing your best to spread this truth, and we thank you so very much for your hard work and determination. We do see others of your world not only buying into the lies about us, but also making efforts to spread these falsehoods to others. This is your right and your free...
  14. Denise

    THE NEW FIRST MICROCHIP ERA has arrived [Publicity Video!]

    This is the 1st RFID Microchip TV Advertisement. This is that is strange alright. I'm able to feel the acting of the people and it creeps me out. Source:
  15. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Sighting in Washington State News April 17 2009

    I'm publishing these video's because I feel there're significant: Source: i would love to hear your thought on this?
  16. Denise

    Akashic Records For April 2011

    What energies and experiences can we expect in April 2011? The feeling this month is similar to the feeling of going down a roller coaster. The collective energy speeds up so that time will seem to pass more quickly, and you may feel as if you cannot keep track of things very well. For many...
  17. P

    Spiritual bonds

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so if it's in the wrong category, please move it to the correct one. :) Do any of you feel like you have a spiritual bond with someone else? It's not just a 'connection' but a bond with someone that is on a higher plane? I feel like I have that with someone...
  18. Seeker

    Ouija Experiences

    Has anyone had any experiences with a Ouija Board or talking board of some type? I have used mine and gotten incredible results at times. I personally feel that these divinity devices have unfairly been given a bad name.
  19. oracle101

    We have to be the catalyst

    Hi all, We are holding a demo on June 17th next year in Stoke-On-Trent, UK. Please feel free to show your support for the cause by replying to this thread ! Keep spreading the message! Many thanks.
  20. Unhypnotized

    American native healing !

    If this dosen't make you feel better then... Then at last NIRVANA!