My daughter and I


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My daugher and I both need help and healing. Organized stalking, an some kind of ev
evil forces along with it. My daugher is addicted to drugs and im being harassed by stalkers, and i feel th are destroying us. Thank you!


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I hope someone has answered you at least in private messages, but if not, I hope the following will be of some help to you.

Further to my comments in another post, realize that although you may ask for distance healing here, you must be open to that healing. You also may anticipate some sort of positive change, but it may not seem that way at all because you're clearly under negative energies/influences. The energies don't necessarily work in a linear fashion, nor are they necessarily what we expect them to be in these mundane realms.

However, you can always ask for help to lighten your burden. Healers and others of that ilk can often send a great deal of relief remotely. Whether that's actually enough in your situation is hard to say. Just be open to Light energies. Ask to be shielded from negative energies and influences. Strengthen your connection to Spirit/God/the Creator/Ayn Sof in order to help correct your energies and to give yourself the greatest possible result continuously for as long as you maintain that connection.

The first and most important source for your request must be to the higher realms. It doesn't matter what you believe, you must call on those higher powers for help. Once you've done that, other healers here on the ground can more effectively support that healing with our energies. Also, your daughter will need to make her own requests. Requests on behalf of others fall into a grey zone that and can even be quite against healers' ethics. If she doesn't want help, or isn't supposed to receive help (this may be for karmic or other life path reasons), it would not be in her best interest to take action which may ultimately hold her back from her actual lesson. Healers are not free to just do as they please, and that's just a good thing.